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The sketch thread!

I'm not sure if I could recreate this again.


Chaos Goddess

Ooh, spoopy!

Decided the time had at last come to draw Nanianne in an epic high definition render.

Six hours later, I'd finished the piece.

The Court Magician
Everything just... went super smoothly, honestly!

Oh, and I have a speed draw vid here as well! In case anyone was interested in my process.


Chaos Goddess

So... I watched all I could of Spy x Family, decided Yor was best girl, and then realized Kyon would probably do the same thing to Putin since she is a Demoness now, but ascended from an assassin who worked for the Ukraine.

The moment this thought hit me of a Soulcatcher like kyon assassinating Putin Yor-style i couldn't let it go as this most terrific image, background and all, coalesced in my imagination.

And so, I clearly had no choice but to draw it!

The Poison Pixie

And here's a speed draw!


Chaos Goddess

Feel like the next Soulcatcher I'm due to draw is Kira: Maiden of Hellfire, but for now I have this...

Mischevia: The Rising Hellstar

And yeah she likes Boba tea. This is her at a roadside Boba tea cafe interacting either with one of her demonic pals or her next meal. I'll letchu' think about it!

Here's a speed draw to show my creative process.


Chaos Goddess

Jeez, I just got back into my art groove, suddenly!

The Letter of Endings

Xali being her usual evil self!

I also have a cool speed draw of this!


Chaos Goddess

Oh god this turned out much better than I expected!

Warden of Eld

Ashe is all riding on a comet with spellcards and chains flying around her, most likely she is in battle with one of the Children of Calamity!

And of course, here's the usual Speed Draw to go with!


Chaos Goddess

The Apotropaic Goddess

"Congratulations. Your application to die painfully has been accepted."

A late night bit of inspiration struck and so with no shortage of sleep did I endeavor to finally draw a high definition render of Svoli in her Apotropaic Form.

Due to the entirely unplanned nature of the piece, it was too late by the time i thought of recording it. So no speed draw this time, either.


Chaos Goddess

Whew, this took a while, but I thank you all for your patience~!

The Only One they Fear

A bit of homework that ScomicMaker posited to me, the theme being Magic Mistake. My idea was a portal / Helgate malfunction that caused Mischevia to teleport from Heldath to the Hell in Doom Eternal with the Doomslayer slaughtering demons close by.

There is finally a speed draw, as I streamed or recorded all of this except the initial draft that I ended up scrapping.

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