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The sketch thread!

NO PIXEL ART in this thread! That goes in the other thread. Thank you.

Want a place to post a quick sketch you just did, but don't want to make a whole thread? Your wish has been fulfilled!

Basically, if you have a quick sketch or drawing you want to show that doesn't merit a whole thread to itself, then just post it here.

I'll start off with a few sketches of my own. These were all scanned from my handy-dandy lil' sketchbook! :3 (note: the pages were a bit hard to see when I scanned them so I messed with the contrast so they'd be easier to see, hence the shoddy look)

Just a bunch of assorted faces. The proportions are way off, I know. And as the stickman on the bottom says, my strokes are really jabby and I'm working on smoothing them out.

I tried to draw a piggy bank and kinda failed miserably, but I like how the cartoony version of my dog turned out :D

This guy is an otter character I enjoy drawing. I'm really working on figure drawing and I know this one is really wonky (the hands especially) but I kinda like it. And I dunno why he's saying "come on" actually, I just started drawing him and it sort of ended up like that I guess. :/

Practicing drawing hands. I wasn't going for a very realistic approach but a simpler version. (four digits, anyone?) As you can see I still need more practice. Also, robot.

Alright, your turn!
Okay cool, first off before I post I'd like to thank my inspirations:
Wyatt; after your pr0n has always been best of the class
That weird beaver-toothed crocodile/raptor thing in my pool
And Barny; I love you
I'd also like to mention that this pic is drawn in loving memory of Michael Jackson...

And so without further ado my 5 a.m. masterpiece:
(warning it is absolutely GIGANTIC! I will have to resize it when I have the time; and are willing to move my lazy ass :P)
Hey, this is a great thread, Devvy! I like your sketches. They're rough but very expressive. Velocir, your thing is too big, so I didn't get a good look at it.

Let's see....errrr... This is the only random sketch I did recently that comes to mind:


A friend of mine in a zombie game has the name Zombie in Pajamas, which he insists is a metaphor for wolf in sheep's clothing. He hates it when people take it literally. xD @ me




it basically just started out as half of a head in silhouette because I wanted to draw one. then I wrecked it w/a halfbaked face because that's how I roll.

and then I added a lot of extra bs because that's also how I roll

"theremin" is there because I keep forgetting what a theremin is

I am very proud of the shirt I drew myself wearing. it is a bear fighting a shark. it is my favourite shirt.



Venetia":2j4zeojr said:
step on no pets
so, cat, a rap: all it rot.

also the :( was because grownup pippi looks seriously bummed.

stick with rev, man. then you can drive a fast car and solve mysteries/do action fights

Rev Stockman, professional fightsracer

mr. stockman I can't see that without thinking "grunty in s.t.a.l.k.e.r." it'd be a cool matchup

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