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  1. pokemon games

    What order should I play the Pokémon games? And which ones can you catch Snorlax in? I want to start playing Pokémon games. But I wanted to know what order I should play them in. And which ones you can for sure capture a Snorlax in. Considering he's my favorite Pokémon.
  2. Pokemon game for Gameboy

    Which Pokemon game for Gameboy is the best? What's the difference between all the colors? Okay, first of all - I realize that this is an absurd question for an 18 year old to be asking, but I had the weirdest craving to play Pokemon the other day. I did once a long time ago for about three weeks...
  3. old pokemon games for gb

    Where can i get the old pokemon games for gb? I want to look for the original pokemon games for my GBA, but i dont know where i can get them cheap. My friends dont have them anymore, and I dont know if e-bay sells cheap.
  4. Pokémon Showdown!

    http://www.pokemonshowdown.com/ So a friend sent me this site the other day. Basically it's an online Pokémon battle simulator. Build a team, choose where to spent your EV's and battle! It's still in Beta so it's probably nowhere near being finished, and there's a few things that just don't...
  5. Pokemon X and Y

    Game: Pokémon X/Y Release date: October 2013, WORLDWIDE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzO6J981nAw Starter pokes; Legendary pokes; Smexy new pokes: Some new familiar faces; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pse_I1klRhAhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMnwB6neGlY New "Kalos" region Those...
  6. pokemon

    What pokemon are the best to defeat the viridian gym pokemon leaders in pokemon stadium for nintendo 64? I'm playing pokemon stadium & I'm in the gym leader castle. I'm up to the to the last set of leaders & I can't beat them. Any suggestions on which pokemon should I choose to beat the veridian...
  7. pokemon to train

    What are some good pokemon to train early on in Pokemon Emerald? I just beat the second gym leader, but I only have two good pokemon, swampert and kadabra. I want to train more, but I don't want to put a lot of time into a pokemon that never becomes pretty good. Suggest some pokemon that I...
  8. pokemon

    Are the pokemon in Pokemon Diamond different to the pokemon in other versions? Yes I realise they have quite a few new pokemon, but I was wondering if they only have new pokemon without any of the old ones, or if you can have all of the old ones as well as new ones. If so, then which old ones...
  9. Pokeblog

    Post anything about your pokemon travels here! Whether it be the pokemon you just caught, how much time you have played, or just anything you'd like to show off! Me, I just caught a Lv.31 Cryogonal in Twist Mountain! http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/cryogonal I also have 21hrs of gameplay and 6 gym...
  10. Ellie


    Jesus christ what did you do to her She looks all... sonic, she's grown older without growing boobs, she looks like she has sideburns, and what the fuck is she wearing and why isn't it giving her a cameltoe
  11. Ellie

    Recommend me a game

    I have a GBC, GBA, and a DSi. If I were to buy any pokemon game, which should it be? One that I would be able to reasonably find. My favourite gen is gen 1, my favourite legendary is Suicune though and I liked the orange islands in the show (minus the shitty new guy).
  12. Embarrassed?

    Anyone embarrassed about buying/playing pokemon games? To some extent, I am. While with close friends and people who understand it better, I am not. Even though I go by the philosophy of "the games are just awesome rpgs, while everything else in the franchise is crap", a lot of people just lump...
  13. Legendary Pokémon

    Talk about anything that has to do with any of the legendary Pokémon. Anything like who are favorites, which ones you think are the strongest/best, which ones you don't like, etc. My favorites are Ho-Oh, Lugia, Deoxys, Celebi, Mew, Suicune, and Latias. I think the coolest-looking legendary has...
  14. Black and White

    I'm really enjoying Black! I love that even though its the same intro as every other game, they poke fun at how repetitive it is and such. The pokemon are all a fair bit more enjoyable, even if they are a bit silly. At least in the start, I haven't found any pokemon that is particularly silly...
  15. Split from: True Pokemon Starter Kit

    What would be the best pokemon to catch when you first start pokmon pearl? Hi i just wanted to ask what would be the best pokemon to catch when you first start pokemon pearl. Also what pokemon should i catch later on in the game to make a well balanced pokemon team. ________________________...
  16. Favorite Gen V Pokemon?

    What are you favorite Pokemon in generation five? Mine would be: Vanilluxe (Baibanira) Fraxure (Onondo) Cryogonal (Furiijio) Hydreigon (Sazandora)
  17. Ellie

    Random poke avatar

    http://hbgames.tk/pokemon/avatar.php/.png Set it as your avatar if you want to show a random pokemon. :D
  18. Pokemon Comics

    So guys. Have you seen any funny pokemon comics? If so, post them here I'd like to see what you guys come up with. I found this one particularly hilarious because it's so freaking true. Gary Oak would always come at you at the worst possible moment with a fully healed party. Caves were...
  19. [SPOILERS] Black & White new pokemons

    slightly off topic . . you guys see the new generation of pokemon that just came out? I dunno . . . feels like they're running out of ideas http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon.shtml
  20. Ellie


    Did anyone collect? Did anyone actually play?

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