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  1. g_willington

    Hueneral (Demo)

    Control a young girl named Burn, and join with her friends to uncover the truth behind the disturbance of the forest. Fight bizarre enemies and explore a world filled with secrets. Explore a strange world with grid-based movement and turn-based combat. Fight against over 30 different enemies...
  2. Starmage

    Paid Heroes of the Seasons 1.0

    Trailer: Heroes of the Seasons is an entry to the RPGmakerweb 2023 Christmas Game Jam! The demo has won the honorable "Fan-Favourite" or "People's Choice" awards in the game jam. This is now a commercial game with new custom art brought to you by Berry B, new modes, more stories, more...
  3. Pudding

    The game with no nc̶̬̀o̴̟͑r̸̰̕r̷̞̽u̵̳͊p̸͙̈t̶̖̆e̶̘͌d̷͐ͅ

    I made a game, with a bunch of friends in rmn. For ocean's 39th Birthday. Play ma bad game, in the game. Literally. Buy food, buy drinks, buy sweets and plushies in a night market to cheer Pudding and Ocean. Ocean is sad because there's a dog sleeping horizontally on his bed, pudding is sad...
  4. Ellie

    [MV][MZ] Embedding Discord Chat in an RPG Maker Game

    Safety Warning: There is a rise in hackers targeting indie game developers to take over their Discord accounts and servers. It is important that you: Do not invite third party bots that can administrate or moderate your channel Do not run any executables given to you by helping hands without...
  5. Ellie

    MV Shop Windows

    These are events that you can position above houses to create shop windows in RPG Maker MV. There are twelve in this set.
  6. Ellie

    RMMV Roof Variant

    This is a quick dirty edit of the MV RTP to provide a different roof shape, more like that seen in RPG Maker XP. It is a little janky because I tried to limit how many tiles I used, respecting that MV has quite limited tilesets. It is modular however with the existing roofs. Tiles used: Note...
  7. Janxferz

    Darold the Doomer: Psychedelic Lucid Dreams

    In Darold The Doomer: Psychedelic Lucid Dreams, you play as Darold Wichstock, a man who tries to cheer himself up by taking psychedelics and ends up ultimately failing by crashing his car and falling into a coma. However, with the psychedelics still active in his body, Darold finds himself in...
  8. awe921

    Trouble Inspector and Discboy Search For A Vaguely Defined Lizard

    Trouble Inspector and Discboy Search For A Vaguely Defined Lizard (henceforth now abbreviated as SFAVDI, because the title doesn't roll off the tongue as much as it tumbles like a crashing car) is a side scrolling RPG about two brothers- those being Trouble Inspector and Discboy, who scale up a...
  9. Ellie

    2K3 RTP Wizard

    Just a quick frankensprite for a character that was missing from the RM2k3 RTP.
  10. Pudding

    Teishi tale, I need to pay rent or I'll be kicked out of my house?!

    Insert shameless plug Remember that game The Golden Pan ? That's right, when there's a first half, this is the second half game made by JustAShyDoge/Pudding(me)! End of shameless plug Game made for Swap in 3 Middle with You. First half made by Liberty Second half absolutely destroyed by me...
  11. Starmage

    Esper Unleashed

    Hello everyone! This is my submission to the 6th Annual Driftwood Gaming Game Jam "Build Your Own Game Jam"! I picked the themes "Purple" and "Survival" for this entry. https://itch.io/jam/build-your-own-game-jam/rate/980407 The game had the honor of having 7th place for the overall ratings of...
  12. Ephiam

    Paid Venaitura

    "It's basically Dragon Quest meets depression, but with the choice to make a party of dogs." -Liberty of RMN. KEYBOARD CONTROL SCHEME AND INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO ACTIVATE WINDOWED/FULLSCREEN MODE: "Spacebar" = Confirm/Talk. "X" Key = Open/Exit Menu. "Arrow/Directional" Keys= Move...
  13. scitydreamer

    Slimes 2

    Of the things that came with the arrival of an alien being, the weakest of all of them are the slimes. Nobody knows what exactly these things are, but, as weak as they are, nobody's succeeded in destroying one of the dungeons from which they spawn. Julius Anderson, a modern day crusader, takes...
  14. Pudding

    Arcade The game with no name

    You play as Brie, a girl who lost a part of her memory on an incident during her childhood, where her childhood best friend went missing soon after. A few years later, she grew up, travelling around places hunting for treasures while finding any trace of her missing friend. Joining the hunter's...
  15. Ricky Van Horn Adventures

    This game is a telling of actual happening and events in the life of real life person Richard Vanhorn. Prologue It is the year 1987 in the glorious town of Rocklin, the town of which the greatest kings are born. A crimson howl cascades the night as mystifying rain suffocates the air. "HES...
  16. Xhukari

    Three Heroes

    A small game made for a game jam back in 2017, which celebrated the release of Construct 3. Form a party of 3 heroes to brave the wilds and monsters, gaining power and treasures as you go... can you go the distance in this sliding-puzzle RPG? Features: Unique sliding puzzle mechanics 3 types...

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