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Slimes 2

Of the things that came with the arrival of an alien being, the weakest of all of them are the slimes. Nobody knows what exactly these things are, but, as weak as they are, nobody's succeeded in destroying one of the dungeons from which they spawn.

Julius Anderson, a modern day crusader, takes the job of eradicating one of these slime dens. Hired on to help him is, well, Julius refuses to learn his name, on account of him being "diseased" with magic, but he's a healer. Through teeth-clenched teamwork, can the duo reach the bottom floor and destroy the source of the slimes?



  • Two party members that hate each other.
  • Several floors of turn-based RPG action.
  • Small side stories for every floor you eradicate.
  • Level ups that only bestow skills that you may be more tempted to use as you progress.
This game is available on Steam, but the itch.io version will always exist for people who are unable to pay. That said, I'd still appreciate it if you supported me. Paying $7 will entitle you to a bonus PDF, as well as a Steam key that I will e-mail to you!



  • Music: Rrrrose/Soft and Furious
  • Scripts: Yanfly, Zerbu, LoneWolf, Ixfuru, Hime, Craze
  • Testers: John Thyer, Harry Petch
  • Patreon Supporters: Alex, Caroline, Fang, hollowaytape, Julien, Alasdair, Rasen Bran, Sierra

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Q: What are the differences between the demo and the finished game?

A: I documented some of the changes here. I'm mainly keeping the demo download of the game around as a comparison point to the final game.

Q: Is this game free?

A: Kinda! The game is free but you can get a commentary PDF if you pay me money. You can also get this on Steam too, I guess.

Q: Haha, I thought you were some socialist/communist, yet you want people to pay you?

A: Don't make me reference the Matt Bors comic.

Q: How does this relate to other works?

A: It takes place in the Fishing Minigame universe, far before the events of those games.

Q: Why is your art like this?

A: (shrug)

Q: Why only three to four hours? RPGs should be dozens of hours long!

A: I’m going to kill you.
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As far as I'm concerned, The real winner of RMN's 2019 Excellence in Narrative. Rarely have I've ever
seen writing this engaging. If you ever want to see what great writing looks like in an rpgmaker game, this is a must play - hand downs.

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