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This game is a telling of actual happening and events in the life of real life person Richard Vanhorn.

It is the year 1987 in the glorious town of Rocklin, the town of which the greatest kings are born. A crimson howl cascades the night as mystifying rain suffocates the air. "HES COMING!!", yells a voice as cracks of lightning overplay the sound of blood doping to the floor. "PUSH DAMN YOU! PUSH!!", yells a man in a white and blue outfit uniform with a twinkle of cheer in his eye that he hasn't felt since he was twelve and his neighbor invited him over for tea and lollipops in his basement. A long silence fills the room, just as a fear enters the man's soul of what may have been desecrated this day the room awakes with a loud cry of a child blossoming of golden incandescence and onyx sunglasses. The man grips the child upon his bosom and yells to the heavens. "This child is not born of man, but of the gods"

Current Time line
Our story goes forward to the year of 1996 as Ricky comes home from an extreme paintball game to unpredictable events ensue.

Richard Vanhorn
Life time achiever and ultimate skateboarding professional the only thing hes over excells at other than skateboarding is with the lades/dudes
Close friend from high school who has turned his back after ricky sold his laser disc player for bulk size sets of band-aids and hydrogen peroxide.
Clone12(Steve Christopher)
12 year old computer hobbyist who maintains servers for major hosting companies
NDRD(Jack Stevens)
Ex lover/ business partner from failed business adventure of "Extreme" knee pads.

- Complete voice acting
- Interactive environments
- Epic story telling
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