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Perseverance: Full Clearance

Perseverance: Full Clearance

This game may not be for all audiences, please read the Crazy Chimp Collective Tolerance Advisory to know if this game may be problematic for you. It is your only protection.

His red face melded, on poster of want...
This Rapscallion may relinquish the Naxonite haunt.

With red coat unique and devil eyes beneath,
Only he may wield the Perseverance to quell their teeth.

but shall he fall, to Naxon's folk--
our great nation, be doomed to choke.


Perseverance is an action-packed shooter that takes inspiration from Ratchet and Clank, Oddworld, V for Vendetta, LackadaisyCats and some others. The game features a lot of gunplay, but also has some more melee weapons for those who like a little hack and slash.

The game also heavily features puzzles, minimalist platforming and other toys, but the most notable feature of all the mechanisms is the 20+ boss encounters.

Perseverance could be considered an untitled prequel to Intelligence, seeing as it focuses largely on Pep's backstory. The game has cats with guns and also demon girls and eldritch pig monsters what else could you even want?

I mean outside of entirely awesome graphics, a 60 song OST and 6+ hours of gameplay, which we have all of by the way!

Perseverance also has a deep compelling story and a very atmospheric world to learn about for those who have more control over their urges. A lot of items can be interacted with for various tidbits of info, comedy or other stuff.

The Game's strong suit is its gameplay and storytelling-- but it also has very charming huggable characters... with guns!






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