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Arcade Overshadowed

Full Edition

This game is playable right here in your browser. If your browser is incompatible, you may download the full game.

[⚠Click Here if the embeded version doesn't work]

I'm sharing this for a limited time to test the site's embed function.
The game was made for a jam entry. The theme was "Dark Lord", and I think required 2 dungeons and X many enemies. In a time frame of 2-3 weeks I think.

I mainly played with a Pixi-Filter controller plugin that does a lot of visual effects.
The narrative is pure crack.

Because it's made in with Rpg Maker MZ the game might not work for everyone. For me it won't play in Google Chrome while hosted on Itch. I get the message Error: No Storage Method Found.
You might try playing it in Microsoft Edge.
I've deployed MZ projects on netlify and it plays perfectly fine in Chrome and on my Phone. So I don't know what to tell you.

A desktop version download is available on the itch page.

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