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coyotecraft submitted a new resource:

Overshadowed - RMMZ Game

I'm sharing this for a limited time to test the site's embed function.
The game game for a jam entry. The theme was "Dark Lord", and I think required 2 dungeons and X many enemies. In a time frame of 2-3 weeks I think.

I mainly played with a Pixi-Filter controller plugin that does a lot of visual effects.
The narrative is pure crack. And disclaimer the My Little Pony characters belongs to Hasbeo and the music "Heaven's Not Enough" comes from the Wolf's Rain OST...

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I tried updating a few scripts hoping it would fix the browser issue. But I think Chrome just doesn't like the iframes.
I'll provide some creator commentary/walkthrough here.
The story is loose and underdeveloped. It's presented as a series of flashbacks that were suppose to parallel something in present. The general concept is that Scarlet had an affair with a Deity. Maybe affair is poor word choice. The Deity formed a magical pact with someone else which made him susceptible to death. In the present you follow a Dark Knight, visting a circus/slave trader to form a pact with a Unicorn.
This was just an excuse to use my ManaLink plug-in.
If you get Hot Coffee you can use it to apply a cheese status and 1-hit K.O. everything.
There's some bad puns and jokes: Pure Bred = Pure Bread. The dungeon was suppose to be inspired by the backrooms creepypasta.
I had a thought that the unicorn was actually some cosmic horror, and the ending would depend if you force a pact or not.
The Pixi-filter in the Backrooms broke or changed somehow while I was updating it. The edges were suppose to be blured, but it's not centered like it's suppose to be. Oh well.
So the knight needs the unicorn's magic to fix the crystal remains of the deity. You need to get a key to get a pick axe to collect 2 crimson crystals that are in shadow. I don't remember if I explained why. It can channel god stuff or something. Idk.
There is an optional scrying spell with moving lights to point you to the crystals found in the caves.
The correct crystals don't change the screen like the others when you walk on them, and there's a cat to show you a hidden path.

Once you got everything it's revealed that the Dark Knight is Scarlet. Her plan was to revive her god-horse boyfriend after killing him to break the pact with the other guy, so she could have him all to herself. But being a Light Deity, she was just casting a shadow over everything else.
(Read Title) It doesn't work and it ends there.
In the back of my mind, the clown was going to be an allusion to Stephen King's It and "the deadlights" but that would be cramming too many ideas and concepts into 1 short game.

Thank you for viewing

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