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What are you working on? (Game Making Thread)



Something that's been on my to-do list since MZ came out is material to support it's airship. I was thinking a battle background on deck. Or interior maps. But the question is how big the airship is.
I drew this mock-up upscale model just to get a feel for things and play around with detailed designs. Like, what kind of paneling it has or graphics. Maybe cover it in magic ruins or something. Are the gold pixels on the side lights? propulsion? I'm still working that stuff out. I want to avoid rivets, seems like an obvious design choice, but I think it's too low tech.


I kind of like the scale of this image. It'd be neat to summon the airship and beam out like this. But I also feel like it should be way bigger.
I've changed it a little since I took these screenshot. Tried adding some detail duct work and replaced the glow beneath the back bend with a crystal, like it's the propulsion system or something. Maybe. I dunno.

I really hated the purple-lavender color, but with the right contrast I think I can make it work.
You know, I don't think it was originally meant to be an airship. I have a hunch it started out as MZ's Ketos (Cetus) monster, which is a purple whale with multiple eyes. I think it was a working design they repurposed in a crunch.



I've started to see potential in using Paint 3D. First, just as a reference tool because it can display models as a projection. So I can rotate a shape in space and know how it looks in different directions.
I want to recreate MZ's crystals to actually spin. Although I can do it without 3D software. It's just a new method to try.

Paint3D can export fbx files which can be opened in Effekseer. But it's just the shape, and not the texture or anything. Effekseer can add a texture to a model but how it applies the texture is a mystery to me, and there's no adjustments.
Also, RPG Maker MZ doesn't display it right in-game anyways! I experimented with a simple cube. It looks right in the database preview, but in-game the cube is inside-out.

I had a thought that MZ could do a 3D dungeon crawler using effekseer. Just display the maze as a 3D object using effekseer and manipulate it's axis. But I don't know if that's possible to change the rotations while it's displaying.


Chaos Goddess

Ya girl has been busy and so I suppose a good way to celebrate the new forum as well as test out video embeds is to show just that!

Firstly, lets start off sweet and sublime with this Optional Event Showcase featuring Kloe!

The Maiden of Tempation
Quite something, no? Second of all we have some new animations!

Fantasia Scene 10 - Resurface of Traumatism WIP 2
Only 15 seconds left on that beauty!

Fantasia Optional Scene 1 - Face Off WIP 1
It is unlikely to be much longer. This is part of an optional event and so can't be too lengthy!

The Hungry Lummox
After Sped and Sven's disastrous blunder with the Kitchen aboard the Starship YHWH, Rolly tries his luck, will he fare any better?

But wait!!! That's not all!

Pjcr has managed to submit some files!



That's all for now.




I discovered my Map Select code/event was broken in my MZ test project. Because I had deleted a bunch of maps, it created some gaps in the ID Array. Like if I deleted map4 the data would look like [1,2,3,null,5,6]. So pulling up a list of map names would then go -- error! no name for null.
But I learned some new tricks for handling these kinds of things.


☆ Biggest Ego ☆

Currently I'm improving skill animations. Making them less 'epileptic'. Flash reductions, and better fade out. Back them my game could actually kill someone with maximum flash and color saturation.

Also I'm balancing the audio level on music and SFX. Gets annoying when some tracks are loud AF and others are 'wispering'.



I played around with some W.I.P.s of mine. I was hoping to be home by now but keep running into rain delays. So i only get short 20-30 min bursts to myself on my laptop.

Experimenting with different techniques. Not enough time to whip out my tablet and draw anything new. Just adding to my list of ideas.
Like. You know what? The Scifi set could use a welder


Chaos Goddess

Milestone reached: I have completed the main storyline for Disk 2. Sans a cutscene, four boss fights and an escape event, so now I'm going back through and re-writing EVERYTHING to make it more compact, succint and impactful. The less is more treatment in a similar vain to Fantasia's Re-write patch for demo 2.

And if you've been paying much attention you know I had up to 4 cutscenes to make, yet now I have only one? Did i make all three cutscenes in a short span of time??

The answer is: Yes. Although i should warn you these cutscenes are potentially placeholders. As one is may be too short and one is not the submission Xiie intends to deliver.
Without any further foreplay, let's take a look!

Fantasia Scene 17 - Shadowed Quasiroyal

Fantasia Scene 18 - Unleash the Inferno

Fantasia Scene 19 - Power

But hold on~ you may have noticed I went against my own planned out sheet from last page!

Fantasia Scene 16: Pride Eclipse
Lilac's ascension cinematic, similar to FS09, and by the time I'm producing it, I'll have most of the assets I need.

Fantasia Scene 17: Windswept Beauty (Changed to Shadowed Quasiroyal)
This will be a small one-lined scene where the Queen of Shadows introduces herself. This scene is potentially already made thanks to Xiie's masterful hand, i will simply need to add a character Splash and some cool effects, most likely.

Fantasia Scene 18: Unleash the Inferno
Koko's ascension cinematic, I know a fair bit about how i want this to go and feel. The general vibe is that- Koko is pissed, and now, she has a perfect means of demonstrating that. She will hold back no longer.

Fantasia Scene 18X: Power
I'm not sure if this scene will even be made, but if it is, it will function as the end of disk 2 cinematic... it will primarily feature Wi at her most ruthless as no one can hope to stand against her. it might end up being just an in-game scene instead. This is the first time FANTASIA will be mentioned, which is Wi's ultimate goal. I care not to spoil more than that.

Well it probably goes without saying that I now know how this is largely going to go, so I'll just keep at it, I suppose. :3

Fantasia Scene 19: Watermelon
This is a goofy scene where Zardari appears to be doing his thing of killing shit, but in reality he's just cutting up watermelons in a very menacing and skillful way, to which the gathered
Well that's because I've decided to make Fantasia Scene 19 - Power a legitimate scene and just scrap Fantasia Scene 19 - Watermelon because its premise is fucking stupid. I could also do such a thing with picture events.

So if you're a clever cookie you've probably worked out Pride Eclipse is the only cinematic I haven't yet made for Disk 2, and you would be correct! Well- unless you count the two ENNUI Empowerment Scenes and the numerous DENUI Damnation cinematics.

Although I haven't finished remastering all the old cutscenes yet, either... although!

Fantasia Scene 10 - Resurface of Traumatism
Now complete. Those five frames of animation were... time consuming, to say the least! (the ones where Svoli force-throws Pep.)

This leaves the only large scale remaster as Fantasia Scene 09 - Protege of Naamah

Although, this isn't all that happened in the world of gamedev for me!

He's been having trouble getting me files, but he did manage to squeeze a Xaela through before his computer decided to one hit K.O itself, he had it sent in for repairs, which are now done, and it crashed again but this time with the intention of fixing itself which I can safely assume succeeded. Currently I'm waiting for a storm to pass as I don't want to risk him losing all that data.

He did get me this Xaela. The one file he managed to sneak through.

As for his progress on the work orders, he's gotten all of the main story characters outside of Xeltara and Lilith finished. He's a bit of a ways through Xeltara before the PC dieded and now is working on Lilith on his sister's laptop while he waits for his to fix up. I bought him a flash stick last payday (by which i mean) I obligated him to buy one out of his paycheck so if he was able to recover his files he wouldn't be in risk of losing all of his work. We may not get so lucky next time.

To recap so you fully understand how many files that his shitty internet and situation is holding hostage.
Naamah: 2 Files
Amberina: 4 Files
Young Koko: 8 Files
Xaramitsi: 8 Files
Xaela: 3 Files
Xeltara: 0-8 Files
Lilith: 0-8 Files

I will start working on his Disk 2 Optional Conent work orders shortly.

But wait! We aren't finished!

The 7 minutes and 15 seconds long track I commissioned for the Clash of Malevolence is finished!
Fantasia OST - ME 06 Malevolence
And of course because i wanted to test out it's syncing, i compiled a retread of Triforce with the end scene included!

The Clash of Malevolence
Good stuff, right? haha...


Given the amount of which the characters ascend in this Disk it was no longer probable to have only two faces fit the theme. So I went and made a new animated set for Koko, Lilac and Lumi. it's very likely I'll make a second set of regular expressions for Sacreblu in the future as well.

Anyway, here's some samples of what the ascended sets look like. I've yet to add the power auras or implement them, but that will happen soon!


All of these pictures are different, either slightly or quite a bit!

As for her progress, Xiie finished the work I set out for her. So while I plan to send her a parcel with a flash stick to relay her new work orders, she meanwhile is going to be doing a sitting and sleeping sprite for every sprite she has made and is yet to. Sparing only the distinct few who have one already! The plan is she will send me back the flash stick with all of her current work on it and possibly all the work I'll need done for Demo 3. Then I'll start working on compiling a work order list for release and mail that off, and she will respond in kind with all the work orders. is it an efficient way of getting Xiie to hand in her work? No. Not even a little bit. But currently, it is the only way possible to bypass the internet restrictions she is suffering through in the Philippines.

Thanks pandemic.

And no, you didn't mishear me. Demo 3 is the last playable Demo prior to the games full release. The Release will contain both Disk 3 and Disk Δ which I intend to get fully finished and ready before 2023 is even here, which gives me about 3 and a half months to market it and get my dedicated team of testers to break it and report the errors to me so I may fix it. The current plan for the release is 3/14/2023. it is not a promise per se, but a plan. Plans can fray and have in the past, so until my artists have finished their work for um, the ENTIRE FUCKING GAME?? I won't be making any official deadline announcements. The past has taught me well.

Now you might be wondering, why that date specifically? Explain.

Well, 3/14 I make obvious enough, if you follow me at all you're likely to know that's the day the Crazy Chimp Collective was founded, the big thing about 2023 is it is the tenth anniversary of the Crazy Chimp Collective, which has been around since 3/14/2013.

So I would really like to make the game ready by that point, but the future is an in-navigable bitch of a thing, so were I you i wouldn't hold my breath.
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I started making this Dark Knight SV battler for a Dark Knight themed Game Jam. I intended on releasing it for everyone to use, potentially. But I never finished it. Nobody asked me too either. In fact nobody talked to anyone. Jams these days...


He's just T-posing (casting) at the moment. That was the easiest pose to start with. I just have to do a few arm and leg variations to complete it. I'd say it's 90% complete but, Vibrato or Etanara who have been supplementing the gaps in the RTP will probably make their own version before I get around to it.
As I recall I got distracted with MZ's weapons sheets. I submitted a feedback but it fell on deaf ears...or uh, blind eyes?

the 3-frame weapon sheets are dumb. Their not really animating anything. Effekseer itself could do more, I wish there was more integration between the programs. If they're just going to have 3 weapon types with the same animation (swing, thrust, range) then they only need 3 Effekseer battle animations with a variable graphic.



I was skimming some books about writing. There's lots of ooold stuff available for free on google books; on playwriting and "photoplays" from the early 1900s and older. It's honestly the same advice modern books dish out.

Anyways, nobody seems to talk much about constructing scenes. What to consider when choosing an appropriate situation.
A 1920's screenwriter, Anita Loos, defines a "situation" as
A moment when the relationship of the characters to themselves and to the plot is charged with dramatic possibilities.
Something to meditate on at least. I think "dramatic possibilities" refers to ironies. Like, it's ironic that this is happening because...

Well, applying it to the psychonaut stories I want to tell is another challenge.


Chaos Goddess

Speaking of scene-writing. I wrote a document up with some lines and loose ideas of set up the other night, then made a very rough storyboard, and then began on the cinematic itself, which is now at this stage.

Protégé of Naamah
The music in the last bit is placeholder. It's still got a little bit to go.
You got this, Coyote! Foooocus! 😁

With how C3 has added 3D shapes now, it has really gotten me motivated to game dev again! As it is an easier way to achieve what I was trying to do with that Sprite-stacking some time ago. Now to hash out a idea I'm happy with... Likely some kind of monster-catching game, because of course it will be; this is me we're talking about! 😂

Thank you for viewing

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