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The State of HBGames

I have, unfortunately, had a little problem, in that my laptop, which is what I use for basically everything, died a few weeks ago with no way of diagnostics. I need the hard drive out of it, which would void the warranty, and while it's in warranty so I could send it back to get it fixed, I simply cannot risk the chance of losing that hard drive. That hard drive is quite plainly MY LIFE.

I have been an idiot about backups. I have backed up small things that can fit on my external HDDs - HBGames and Afar being a few of them - but not my whole hard drive as it wouldn't fit...

Which is stupid, because I went out today and got an external HDD of three times the capacity for £50.

So now I can back everything up, now that it's too late.

In short I can't get that laptop fixed so need to get a new one. I want to build a new computer though, a proper desktop, so I need to think long and hard about what I'm going to get, which is why I'm dawdling about it. Sorry.

Where am I?

Well, I am one of those people who has literally dozens of computers in her house. Just myself I have four old desktops, three old laptops, four tablets, several games consoles and other phones and devices that can connect to the web, and then there are other family computers. I have dozens of ways to connect to HBGames, I just don't have my data!

Until I get that hard drive plugged in somewhere I can't work on my game, don't feel safe wirking on HBGames.org, and don't have my favoured image editing programs to work on the eZine and such.

How long will it be?

Oh, only a week or so. Won't be long.

What are your plans for the future?

There were several projects I was working on.

There will be another eZine and another Advanced RPG Maker issue soon. I failed to deliver here.

I will continue to work on the new Afar.

I have been musing about working on a Final Fantasy VII website, community, magazine or something similar, for the new editions when they come out. That is just speculation though at this stage.

What about HBGames.org?

It's made me a little sad that people are joining this week to find that well, I'm not here. I know I'm not everything, and the world doesn't revolve around me, but I feel a bit like I am letting you guys down by not participating much.

But you can do that without any programs. We're a forum.

You're right, I've been hiding in a cave acting like my life is over when in reality all I need is a keyboard. (So here I am.)

Get on with it.

In short, hi, I'm back.

I'll get a new laptop soon and get to work on the eZines, my game, and other projects. I will work towards getting a great desktop.


If you'd like to use this opportunity to suggest things for me to implement when I get said laptop, go ahead. Any idea welcome however great or silly it may be.
If you're talking about the forum, add WebM support please :kiss:
If/when I make a project thread, I'd like to use those instead of gifs. They make a huge difference on my shiternet.
Have just realised the screenshots gallery isn't very gallery like. The only thing I missed from the mishap a few weeks ago, damnit. Should be able to fix it tonight.

I also want to do a little contest. Thinking of a Dragons Den type contest where everyone pitches a game plan and the best one wins RPG Maker MV (or cash) with which to make it a reality.
Princess Amy":amq41yoe said:
Have just realised the screenshots gallery isn't very gallery like. The only thing I missed from the mishap a few weeks ago, damnit. Should be able to fix it tonight
The login screen has been reverted/broken as well.



The latest resource box on the new posts page hasn't been updating. Still has cat thumbnails from the test page.
Probably could just remove the box. There's only been 7 new additions to the resource library this year anyways.

You can use gear banner I animated, if you want. Or since new years is coming up, I could come up with a new look.



I think we picked up the cog theme to go with Gamemaker and Construct logos.
I've always had the notion of a "Brewing" theme. Something with bubbles, foam, or test tubes. Could hang on to the mechanical and circular design elements, just substituting cogs with valves, gauges, metal vats with rivets and circular windows with raising bubbles inside. Copper Pipes or amber bottles, keeping the orange accents...
I know it's a big ask, but I wonder if we could have it so that it starts animating then slows down, as if it's moving any time you click a link getting it to do things? I dunno.

Good news everybody!

I bought a laptop, and after some heavy dismantling*, the old hard drive is fully intact.

* Basically I opted to have two hard drives instead of an optical drive. Seems a good choice... until you have to fully dismantle the laptop to get the drive out. I heard something rip, hoping it's just a piece of paper saying "warranty void if ripped". Could be a monitor cable. I don't know. But out with the old, in with the new.

I don't like this keyboard, but it'll grow on me.

I also need to find my Macromedia Studio MX 2004 disks because I live in the past.



you can use css :hover to change between a static and animated image when the mouse hovers over a link.

With gif I can set the number of times it loops. It's not doing full rotations, just moving from one cog position to the next. I'd have to add more frames to make it speed up or slow down, and that would increase the filesize. A webm version might be more practical.

I don't know if there are any css codes to pause/play or change speeds of gifs.

Thank you for viewing

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