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Rob the Sea Dog

Rob the sea dog (Mode 7 pirate game)

I've made this game in german language, but I have translated it in english afterwards. It's a short pirate game with mode7.

Rob retired his pirate life and started a living on a lonely island. One day his servant Binley delivers Rob an alarming message: the pirate Cormack has robbed Robs treasures and ships. Rob doesn't put up with that. Together with Binley he decides to seek Cormack on the sea and reclaim his property that was stolen from him.


Rob, known as Rob, the sea dog.
Rob is the main character.
Bravery, arrogance and a certain amount of
stupidity marks this pirate.


Binley, Rob's loyal servant.
He's an educated Gentlemen,
the opposite to Rob.


The insidious pirate Cormack
has stolen Rob's belongings.
Likes to lurk...

Screens: (taken from the german version, ignore the german text)

Rob reads the letter of the perpetrator Cormack.


In every harbor you can get informations, trade or repair ships.


The battle system, standard, with a few modifications.


You can zoom the map with Q/A-keys or call the worldmap with W.

- don't try to enforce battles if you're too weak. You can 'Leave' the battle in every round.
- you can save the game anytime on the worldmap.
- because of mode7 you will need a good cpu, I recommend at least an athlon x2 or Intel dual core. It will also run on older systems, but probably not very smoothly.
- no XP RTP needed.

Rob the sea dog

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