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GOTY 2021 Prep

Hi guys! It's a year since we last held our Game of the Year competition, and there is still time to submit a game to be elligible for the 2021 draw.

We'll set up a poll soon and run an eZine special for all the amazing games we've had this year.

Not counting all the games I added from the old Completed Games forum, I count 37 elligible games this year, which is the most we have ever had! We might even have enough content to run a fully-fledged .ORGy Awards for the first time in a while.


Chaos Goddess

If Demo's don't count then I'm outta luck ahahaha~!

If they do then you can put Junked or literally any of the ones that haven't won yet in to the nominations.

The good news is i personally went and made game pages for all of them with the forum's rebrand nd upgrade to Xenforo so it won't be a battle of outdated things!

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