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I binge watched The Farway Paladin this weekend while I was without TV/Internet. I try to keep a stash for rainy days and times like this.
It was pretty good. Felt like a fantasy book. Solid conclusion. There's a few hanging threads, but nothing that demands answers or a second season. It had a slow build up. It's not the kind of show I could watch on a weekly basis. It doesn't really go anywhere until the 5th or 6th episode when everything in the OP and Ending credits becomes relevant.
If I wasn't stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing else to do, I could have easily put it down and never picked it up again.

It's the start of the new Spring Anime Season. I'm still waiting on Rise of the Shield Hero s2, it doesn't air until *Googling* - oh, tomorrow. FINALY! Except, unless the anime adaption shakes things up, I already know what's going to happen. That's what happen when they keep delaying it year after year.

Another series I kind of already know about is Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road "The Executioner and Her Way of Life". It's also an isekai title, but with a Yuri content tag. This one is published by Square Enix. They're often eye catching with crunchy sound design.
I think I'll be watching just for the special effects and production value.
Episode 1 is kind of deceptive.
For context, last year in anime news there was a writer making headlines and apologizing for "Cheat Slayer". It was basically about an MC who would kill these obvious parodies of protagonists from popular Isekai series.
In Virgin Road, the executioner also has to kill these summoned otherworlders because they're abilities inevitably cause cataclysms. The difference is that it's a serious point of world building. The MC carries emotional baggage for needing to kill these Japanese High-School Students before they've done anything wrong.
While the premise sounds similar, and Ep1 shows the MC doing her job, the rest of the story is her dealing with a girl she can't kill because she had time powers.
For people who don't know where the story is going - it looks and sounds like "Cheat Slayer".

The Time Powers are not exactly like the ones seen in Re:Zero where the romantic interest can't perceive the ability. The Executioner is aware of the time power, and there is a sense that the world is already caught in a time loop.
The audience is probably familiar with of Redo Hero, which is a revenge plot where the hero relieves his life a second time, this time to romances his torturer.
So there is a question - is that, this? Is the girl with time powers fucking with her executioner for revenge? Is it like a VN to her, and she's just pursuing a romance option "this time". How omnipotent is she? We don't know. The executioner is willing to exploit and take advantage of anything to do her job, including betraying someone's feelings. It's understandable. But does she understand? We don't know.



Shield Hero S2 is pretty boring so far. But I kind of knew it would be. The manga at this point was also a low point.

I binged another isekai series. Lol, i don't even remember the title. It was kind of like Reincarnated as a Slime. But without the reincarnation. It had the same town building trend.

Shield Hero also has a town arc in the manga. But thankfully they skipped over it between s1 and s2.

I think ive seen every isekai worth seeing at this point. Unless i dig into some really old anime.



Been a few months. Shield Hero ended about where I left stopped reading the manga. So it's all new territory for me from this point forward.
A lot of this anime season's isekai shows are adaptions of manga I read years ago. So I'm not really watching them. Although it's sometimes interesting to see what visual flare the animation brings.

I've got a stash of episodes saved for a rainy day, or weekend without internet. I recently burned though the last half of reincarnated as a slime. It sucked. The last few episodes were like, 20+ characters stand in a room and talk for 30minutes.

Overlord has a new season, it's nice to see Albedo (a succubus) actively doing something for a change. Despite being a center fold for promotional material, with gratuitous illustrations for the credit roll - she has mainly been in the background. I don't think the MC is any closer to learning anything else about the world or if there are any other players. The story has also kind of snagged like the Slime Isekai, where it's just characters in a room talking. But at least Overlord's characters are spread out and move around, so it feels like it's going somewhere.

"Reincarnated as a Sword" is coming this October. That's another isekai where I read the manga up to a point. There's wasn't much of a plot to it. It's entertaining in that the character acquires skills and combines and uses them in a novel way. Which is how most isekai stories go.

I saw that there's a Legend of Mana anime coming soon. That was an RPG by Squaresoft for the ps1. It's not your typical RPG. Silent protagonist; a lot of short stories, maybe 3 major story arcs. It looks like the anime will be focusing on the Gem Arc. Where there's this race of jewel people. But they're dying out. There's only one-of their kind that can heal other gem people. I always suspected Steven Universe took a lot of inspiration from it. Might be worth watching.

Apparently there's a Tiger & Bunny 2. It was this crazy superhero + reality TV combo. It was good. But it aired forever ago. It's hard to believe an anime can continue after all that time. But it happens from time to time. I'll be adding that to my watch list for sure.

Thank you for viewing

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