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Sneks and Demons

Arcade Sneks and Demons

Full Edition

This game is playable right here in your browser. If your browser is incompatible, you may download the full game.

Sneks and Demons was made in a couple of hours in RPG Maker MV, to test our high scores and arcade systems at www.arpgmaker.com. It is a simple game, eerily reminiscent of a particular retro game of old.


Sneks - follow you around the map with very weak AI

Demons - patrol from corner to corner much more quickly

Bats - aim themselves at the player and fly in a straight line passing through their location every now and then


Graphics: Vexed (licensed)

Audio: Defrini (Free Music Archive)

Engine: RPG Maker MV

Developer: Ellie for HBGames

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