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What's on TV?



Watching Syfy's series Dark Matter.
This latest episode was a Groundhog Day/time loop episode. My favorite kind of episode. It sounds cliche, but honestly I haven't seen an episode like that in a long time. Like, a real episode, not a skit or subversion of it.

Ok, but this episode ends with a teaser of the future. I kinda hate that. It's "the youngest character is now an old lady who had been waiting for this encounter to send her back" kinda thing.
She drops all these hints at what's to come. But it's also like -none of this might happen- and they don't make TV shows like they used to that can go on for 7 seasons. You know? They're making promises they can't fill.


☆ Biggest Ego ☆

I finished season 1 of the Mist.

If you liked the movie called the mist, please stay away from this show. No monsters, nothing like the movie. This TV show will leave you mad and disappointed if you're waiting to see the monsters. Repeat no monsters! Just SJW shit and characters nobody cares about.

The show would have been 5 times better if they named it 'The Haze' or 'Judgement Fog'.
People were expecting giant spiders and Lobster scorpions. All you're getting is a giant shadow creature who makes one cool appearance. He's never seen again.

While the show is mediocre, I enjoyed it. The creator should just rename the show.
Imagine Star Wars with no spaceships, or Godzilla with no action or destruction. A silly novice move. At least discover what your audience liked about your movie before creating a show based on it. Monsters dammit!!
I started watching American Gods just a bit earlier. This show is really good, they did a good job of Gaiman's 2001 novel and I just love Mr. Wednesday/Odin so much. Anansi isn't too bad either, though.



So who's watching the new Doctor Who?
Seen the first couple episodes. I'm not disappointed yet. But I'm not feeling it with the current companions.



Lately I've been watching Farscape. It's one of those old scifi shows, I've never gotten around to watching before.
It's awful. I'm watching it mainly for a few trope specific episodes. It airs 2 episodes a day all week on this one channel. So I record them and watch them late at night to torture myself. It's basically a ritual at this point to get away from the computer.
I caught the end of season 4, then it started back playing through season 1-3. Although it skipped some episodes I season 2 I think.

Most of the episodes feel stretched or badly edited. Too many 2-part or 3-part episodes. Those are the hardest to watch.
But to it's credit, the episodes are not stand alone. And they're not afraid to change the status quo. So it goes to weird places at times. Like in one episode a few of the cast get cloned. Or "twinned", as there's no telling who is the original. By the end of one episode John still has a clone, so that carries over for a few more episodes with 2 johns in 2 places. It's confusing. And stupid. It feels like the show could write itself into a corner at any minute. But I like it.
I hate the dialogue though. The characters are all assholes berating each other in order to inform the audience about the situation. And it leads to some inconsistent characterization. Sometimes a character has this clarity about everything going on around them, and other times they degenerate and act impulsive just to escalate the situation. The emotions run too high too long. The camera is crooked and zooming all the time. It's exhausting.



Watching the lord of the rings: the rings of power
It's pretty good. High quality for TV. I was expecting something way worst because I haven't heard anything positive about it. But maybe that's because of the platform it's on. It stands side by side with the movies, I think. I'm only 4 episodes in. I think they're taking some liberties with the timeline and the island of Kingdom of Numenor

It's also a good time to watch it in the fall. The leaves are changing, air is getting cold. So it feels appropriate.

Thank you for viewing

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