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What games are you currently playing?

I picked up this book, for literally no other reason than it's so pretty, which got me playing FFXII again.


I like that Vaan and Penelo are irrelevant. Because I am only there for Franthier.
Fancied seeing how Hearthstone is these days, as I haven't played it for years. The gameplay doesn't seem too different really, aside from the new class being Demon Hunter of all things (why not Death Knight, or hell, even Monk???). The thing that I find strangest, is how they've radically changed the reward system! Back in the day, you'd get a daily quest which would reward Gold, you then used that gold to buy packs or entrance to the Arena, a draft mode.

But now they have weekly quests, which it and Daily quests give you points instead of gold, these points are used to progress through a reward track. It's essentially a battle pass as seen in other games; you work to get rewards, you can pay to get more rewards, and quicker. But the thing that actually annoys me, if their achievements points. I like achievements points. But there you have to manually go through a list and click on the achievement in order to get said achievement points. But they do nothing.



I raised my Cooking Skill 60levels today, in FF11. Compared to Bonecraft and Leathercraft, Cooking is really really easy to level up. All the ingredients are cheap. I only had to stop to farm for Fire Crystals and a few wild onions.
I raised it so I could synthesizes some damn tea I needed for a quest. You're suppose to be able to buy it, but San d'Oria has to be 1st in Conquest for it to be in stock, and it never is whenever I'm playing. So I had to get it the hard way.
Finishing the quest raises your "adventure buddy" level cap - completely worthless. But I've got nothing else to do.
I also raised my Bard class to lv79 or so, I'm just going to raise it to lv88 so I can equip this "Oneiros Harp" I've had stashed away. I also had a handful of skill scrolls I needed to use.


Mage of Light

Been mostly playing minecraft on a friend's server. Its amazing how that game continues to be both a pretty decent large voxel-based building tool and structured hang-out space.
Looking forward to me and my group doing the entry sequence with the sburbcraft minestuck mod tomorrow :D

EDIT: it's minestuck, sburbcraft is the unrelated homestuck texture pack.
While I'm here, might as well show off some screenshots of how it went. I acted as server player, made the tower thingie up to the 2nd gate.

Welcome to the Land of Bunnies and Mycelium!


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After upgrading my laptop, i can see some pretty big differences in performance.

Using Final Fantasy XV demo as a performance test. Before, it was just aweful. But now it might actually be playable with the right settings.
The Witcher also loads like 4x faster.



I'm playing Diablo 3 tonight.
I've decided IF I get Falcon Wings for my character tonight then this will be the year I get the reaper of souls expansion and continue my tradition of playing Diablo for halloween.
IF not, its time for a new tradition.
Been playing all sorts lately. Completed the main story of Thief 2014. It's not a great game, but is just diverse enough to hold me for the main story. The game is too simplistic overall, though. You don't make many choices. I made the mistake of then doing all the Side Jobs, which is was a mistake, as they were booooring. I then started to do the Client Jobs, and they seem like mini missions, which is cool... but by that point I had my fill on 2014 and didn't finish the game.

So I moved onto Thief Gold, the original game. It felt so great to have a blackjack, rope arrows on any wooden surface, etc etc. But it has its own issues. Some clunky controls aside, this first game insists on throwing a bunch of non-stealth, non-thief game portions at you, sometimes entire levels with zombies and what not. Those were disappointing. But I powered through. And through the Guild mission, which mostly takes place in a sewer and the mission was roughly 3 times longer than the other missions... This ended up killing my drive for the game. I only ended up playing the start of the next mission before quitting. The issue with this game, is that everything is so formulaic in the moment-to-moment gameplay... sneak up behind a guy, blackjack him, slowly carry him to your safe spot (in case of patrols, etc). Explore that new room, rinse repeat.

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