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What are you working on? (Game Making Thread)


🎱 Outlook good

Made a lot of progress with this. It's more or less functional . Aside from a database full of stat changing magic.
I don't know where to go next. A G.F. ability window maybe? Idk. It's tempting to want to recreate every detail of FF8's menus.

It's hard to develop the rest of the systems to work with RPG Maker. Like, I guess to unlock the Stat Junction slots I could have the G.F. learn HP-J, for example, as an "Equipment Type".



Chaos Goddess

So Pjcr contracted Covid-19 shortly before his trip, so he was placed in quarantine and has recently gone back home to recover. On the upside, he did get some files through to me while in quarantine.

Mad E. Lin
In case you're confused, yes- this is a character that does not even really have much part to play until Disk 3. Despite this, it was one of the first work orders in PJCR's work orders sheet, and so after prioritizing what was asked to be prioritized, Mad E. Lin was the first to come along.

This was by design, because having even some of Mad E. Lin's assets (5/8 at time of writing) meant i could begin development on the first of the projects I intend to make in Pixel Game Maker MV. Flight would serve as the basis and test run for the engine and allow to me test its capabilities before moving onto more ambitious projects like Crowfeast and Seraphim. Fyori and all other characters that have a major role in that story already exist to some degree in pjcr's work, even vanilla Fyori before she attained her bolder outfit to suit that more bold and later psychotic personality.

Xiiie has said she would be back by the 29th but I've yet to hear from her since that correspondence. I have my fingers crossed that she's simply had her hands full dealing with the aftermath of the extended duration away from home. She already has gone through Covid and so at this point is immune to the virus, she also suffered through the worst strain of it.

As for me, i'm enjoying an extended break after i implemented all but one of the Mad E. Lin portraits I received. I really need to get back into gamedev before long though.


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Sooo... I haven't posted aught of it yet. But I might have started making a new game because I'm presently at a stage where I'm just waiting on resources for Fantasia.

So, with that, may i introduce you to:

As the name suggests, it's a game with a large emphasis on flying. It transitions between a sort of multi-layered world map where you can descend to lower levels where harder and harder challenges will appear. Then during all the bullet hell sequences, you're flying too.

Into Combat!
I'm using Galv's Map projectiles as the basis of this game's combat, which is working very well. It's WASD movement and mouse aim and mouse-click for shooting. it's very modern-day controls and it's so nice to have mouse support for this game.

Did all the battle stuff seen in this video in the span of today. let's see what I achieve tomorrow~!


🎱 Outlook good

I've been spoiled by the post limits that other sites have. I just type until I hit the 2000~4000 character limit.
But then I come here and start typing...and I keep typing....and then 3 hours later and I'm looking at a wall of text that I really shouldn't post.
So I delete half of it and condense my thoughts. But then the sun comes up and I'm forced to close the browser and crawl, hissing, back into the shadows without saying anything.

It don't matter. Nothing matters.


🎱 Outlook good

Exploring the exciting new frontier of AI image generation.

Image models aside. I would be excited to see someone make a proper map generator for Rpg Maker. Some more sophisticated tile placement rules.


Chaos Goddess

The whole fun is crafting a world your very own, not let programs do all the fun stuff for you!

Now yes, I am known to use a character generator to fill in for placeholders, cause i don't enjoy pixel art, but I usually do end up paying someone to make it, I even tried to pay you but alas, you wouldn't let me! xD

But I guess if you don't like making maps n stuff a map generator might be cool. Samplemaps already exist though and while they aren't great, they can serve as a good basis or fount of inspiration.

I'm so-so about maps, I love doing it when I'm inspired, but sometimes I'm just "eh".

In Flight comparing the first dungeon where you find Mad to the tree hollow dungeon shows a very good example, the first is me just making a map to make do, the second is me having an absolute blast with it.

Speaking of Flight, I didn't like those weird towers protruding through holes in the ground in the castle, so I opted to place some scenic indoor gardens instead.

Oh yeah, I made an Anime Opening for it, you can actually play this in game by choosing Cinematic from the title screen.

Thank you for viewing

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