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What are you working on? (Game Making Thread)


Chaos Goddess

Meanwhile I'm facing a mild and very transitory motivational dry spell.

As hinted at already- it's only mild and will probably not last long.

I have actually gotten work done despite this. No videos yet but two optional events have been done and I'm geared to begin work on another.

There's only five left for the Icons specifically.

Pep has one to go.
Svoli's are all done.
Kara's are all done.
Rolly's are all done.
Tristy's are all done.
Lyza has one to go, and only really less than half of it.
Nola has one to go.
Wizard's are all done.
Limbo's are all done.
Tiramisa's are all done.
Esperia has one to go.
Fyori has one to go.

Once all are done I'll start working on each Planet's story arc that is laid out via several optional events.

Zen Nekoma has a story largely thought out already courtesy of RiseDemos. We'll largely be assisting Kloe and Nanianne in their efforts to thwart the followers of Xeltara and repopulate the Nekomata. During which we'll make plenty of new friends.

Zen Aneia's storyline was mostly told during the events of the main story, but Morzan remains curious, you'll venture there with Cathy, Renae and Zephyrra to treat with L'soiv D'pes- it's own Regent Lady.

Fungaris will be a small adventure with Rolly and Limbo to find some particular fungus, each for their own reasons.

Esoteriqueois will be a quest where Sacreblu has a good talk with Lilith and perhaps some crazier stuff.

The Purple Sun attracts brilliant minds, Tristy, Fyori and Koko keenly- an unusual alliance to uncover the arcane city's secrets.

Byteopia and Postmartia will be large adventures with Cid Gungho, Kyu Lawlis and Kikiyo Kasanavi

Tekerlek will be a large Space Pirate Monkey adventure with Captain Crikey and his crew.

Nadine will be "date" kind of adventure with Fyori.

Draik will be the redemption of Trimorphous and the reordering of the draikonians. Allies in this venture will be Kara and Kiet Marx

Spriteopia won't be unlocked until Mad E Lin's optional event chain in Disk 3.

Galaxia will be an adventure between several characters, Notably Tac, Lyza, Mayeena, Orsa and Adashi.

Pink Sun will be an adventure with Sacreblu who seeks to confront herself in the past.

Zirkov will be a hangout adventure with Xaramitsi... yes.

Haven will largely focus on Yasondre and her hibernation.

Gaseous will have a small adventure with Safael (probably not until disk 3)

The Blue Sun will be a small quest with Sacreblu.

Desolation will be a quest hub for various alternations of adventure...

Mycallah will take you to Lepusia and show you around and perhaps a quest or two.

Likewise, the other faithful on Desolation will take you to Solaris Archivium, Esoteriqueois and (in Disk 3) Dysmonia respectively.

Mayeena will go on an adventure with you to Xeraphar.

Urania will be more hanging with Xaramitsi

Esperia will go on an infiltration mission on Xoraq

more details are still being worked out.



I just watched this 2021 experimental film called Infinitum: Subject Unknown.
It has Ian "Gandalf" McKellen in it...technically...for like a minute.

It's really boring to watch. I couldn't watch it in one sitting. I kept pausing and coming back to it. But I respect it from a technical standpoint because it more or less has only 1 character. I kept watching because it's kind of similar to my Perseverance fan game and I was hoping to see how they handled the same pitfalls of character goals in a realm of "infinite possibilities".

I'm going to spoil what it's about.
Basically this "subject" (she's called Jane in the credits) is suggested at the end to be a hypothetical construct, a possibility, in some kind of quantum dimension that occasional overlaps with other possibilities. I'm not sure if it's meant to be in a computer simulation or not. But there is a lot of static and electronic humming. It's really obnoxious. Just filling time. Possibly meant to keep the viewers attention with meaningless weirdness, but I was already checked out within 10 minutes. lol. Occasionally it jumps back to these documentary clips, outlining vaguely what their experiment involves. But never stating what their objectives are.
It started out like a documentary type thing with Ian McKellen giving a brief history of their research and an exciting break through. Something something human mind. Parallel universes. Infinite possibilities.
I got the impression it was involving some DMT acid trip, and maybe one of the scientists was meant to channel Terence McKenna. Just me reading between the lines here. Or maybe I'm meant to fill in the gaps however I like? Like Dark Souls Lore, the gaps are pretty big it just looks like poor writing. Actually I read that it was a mix of concepts that wasn't meant to be publicly released. Concepts like jumping between realities.

Anyway, Subject Jane wakes up trapped in a room tied to a chair. We know from the camera technique that she's being observed and there's occasional voices of scientists making comments about her. She may or may not hear them. Whenever she get's stressed out, time will reset and she'll be back in the room, tied to a chair.
It's a very slow progression. Finding her way out of an attic. Into a cluttered house. Eventually making it outside and then to the research facility. Occasionally sounds of phantom soldiers with dogs, helicopters, guns, and search lights will manifest. Stressing her out and she'll start over again. Sometimes encountering echoes or parallel versions of herself.
She eventually sets a goal for herself to head towards "Wytness" Research lab. This motivation was pretty weak if you ask me. There's just an envelope in a car with the address. Maybe she can hear the scientists. Or remembers something? It's not clear if she has amnesia. It's not clear why she gets spooked and hides like a feral cat at times. All this random weirdness, I think they staged these...idk, emotional shifts...frustration, fear, anger...to give the audience a taste of something different. For the sake of stimulation.
I had the thought that maybe "Wytness" was some sort of metaphor for the "Audience". But again, I'm just filling in the gaps of the narrative and I hate to give credit that's owed to my own imagination.
She eventually gets to the research lab. Kind of, maybe, realizes the situation she's in? She rarely vocalizes her thoughts. She has more encounters with parallel versions of herself. A few versions seem to die of fright when they get too close (the credits claim no doppelgangers were harmed in the film). One version actually talks to her, saying she exists as the "possibility of being lost", nothing more. She'll keep finding her way back to this place. Which contradicts what some of the scientists voices were saying about expanding her abilities. I got a hint of "Lost Girl" or "Girl Interrupted". Maybe this was a schizo version of herself.
After this, uh...answer that we've been waiting the past hour and a half to reach, she steps into a dark door with some kind of unearthly demon shadow beast. She falls back and shuts the door. Then you hear the scientist voices again "Disconnecting the subject in 3 2 1..." She looks back at that camera, as if she can hear this too. She was already scared, but this is somehow different. Then the credits.

Maybe it was some nihilist horror, that even after realizing the infinite possibilities in front of her, she was just...idk, part of a simulation? The possibilities are endless but "Wytness" is maybe being selective; using her to pruning/manifest those realities, or only allowing her to live (in their minds? computer? simulation?) so long as she's entertaining. Just my interpretation anyways.

Unfortunately there's not a lot I can take away from this.



I made a slime battler for a request this morning. Mostly just playing around for practice. I'm honestly surprise someone didn't ask for a slime sooner. Then again Rpg Maker Web's resource request is a glorified human search engine these days.



I was just about to post the other day that RMMZ was overdue for their v1.5 update.
Then they rolled it out at the last minute on June 1st.

I spent most of my free time yesterday updating my test project from 1.3
Of course with MZ it's just a click of a button. But I filled the core scripts of my main test project with comments. So I was going through copying my notes over.


Chaos Goddess

In one day recently I finished Lyza's finale and Nola's finale optional events. This leaves only Pep's finale, Fyori's finale and Esperia's finale.

I did not record videos of these and now don't have the ability to due to my computer finally bricking itself. Not to worry, I was able to back up my game before it was done in for good, and all of my other stuff was backed up in full only a couple of months ago.

I still have a laptop for work and will utilize it once I've moved in- and yes. I am moving into a new place tomorrow and once again will be independent! I intend to work heavily on dynamism in my art (meaning drawing a lot of comics, character interactions and so on) a long with increasing my range with voice acting. Expect some self-made comic dubs in the near future.



I've completely checked out from game development stuff.
It's not burnout. Just a hiatus. I've just be binging shows and playing games trying to catch up with current stuff. I'm not sure when I'll get back into things.


Chaos Goddess

Alrighty. I have my PC so I've been hard at work!

Finding That Which Was Lost

Awakening the Snorebeast


Remi-Chan's Debut

Why Espyori works! (In My Eyes)



This is unsettling. It's been over a month now, my mind has just been in a completely different place. It's like my muse is a runaway cat.
It's been missing for weeks before, but it always came back. Now I feel like I need to start looking for it.
Is it dead? Can muses die? H.P. Lovecraft wrote that with strange aeons, even death may die.
I might have to resort to some dark magic to get it back.



I shouldn't have joked about that. One of my cats had some kind of fit this morning. He disappeared most of June and came back really skinny.


Chaos Goddess

Milestone Reached: All Icon-oriented optional events are now done!

Meaning I'm now up to planet-exclusive optional events.

I don't have videos for all of the icon oriented optional events- perhaps time may change that-- but for now, here's the finale of Esperia's trilogy.

Plight of the G0Ds

I also feel the need to share this- Xali is just such a well introduced villain that i felt the need to smash this together.

The Cosmos' Enemy



I did a little coding the other day. Coming up with an expression that would change map tiles. I had the idea of reserving the map's upper tile layer to use for area of effect selection. You know, for a Strategy RPG or something. But it's kind of dumb I guess. I was aiming for something small, that makes use of what RM is already using. If it can fit in an event's script box, you don't need a plugin.

I haven't touch my drawing tablet in a long time. I haven't attempted any story writing in a long time either.


Chaos Goddess

Good news! I've started to write down the Planetary Optional events. I'm starting with Zen nekoma due to having most of the story there fleshed out, major props to RiseDemos for helpimg me out in that regard.

The First Quest said:
Lumi: What… would you have us do?
Kloe: Simple! Utter the word to destroy those who will fester even in death.
Nanianne: Kloe? You can’t mean!?
Kloe: Ya! Kloe does mean! If we kill them they’ll just ascend and become stronger, not unlike Kloe did when she was murdered!
Kloe: There is no hell too deep or too hot for the likes of them. So, will you do it?
Lilac: We will accompany you to Inferno, however- if we use the Destroy command will be decided upon our own examination of these Followers.
Nanianne: I understand. I would say it’s wasted effort, as they are too far gone. But I know a look that says you won’t listen to us when I see it. So you must then judge for yourselves.
Kloe: Fair enough! It’s more help than Kloe thought she’d have, so let’s be about it! After you, cuties~

Objective is to walk into Inferno, upon which an event plays and a Follower notices the intrusion and walks towards the angels of hope.

XF: My my… are you asking to be burned alive or are you poor little morsels lost? I can show you the way.
Kloe: Don’t think it’s possible for Kloe to be burned more than she has already.
XF: Hmhm, you might be right… but what about her?
Nanianne: You are nothing.
Lumi: Holy… did Nanianne just turn into Yi or something!?
XF: Hm, Yi? Is she here with you?
Kloe: No such thing. Come, do you really think Yi would hang out with silly ascended beings like us?
XF: Are… you saying you’d like me to try burning you alive.
Lilac: No, that won’t be necessary. I am merely contemplating your right to exist. Why don’t you inform me what it is you’re doing here?
XF: Oh, well that much is simple! We razed the blaze, and brutally murdered the citizens.
Koko: Even the other Fowlhunters?
XF: ESPECIALLY the other Fowlhunters!
Lilac: That settles it then, you are beyond redemption. <Lilac’s eyes shine red.> I will make you disappear.
XF: What!?
Lilac: I’ve thought about it, and decreed you to be a mistake of existence.
Lilac: Hakai.
XF: <screams as she perishes>
Other XF: Destroyers! Retreat!
Kloe: Nanianne?
Nanianne: Of course. <she casts a spell and all of the Fowlhunters turn into sheep.>
Koko: Okay… so I’m guessing you want us to do the same with the… fluffy white critters?
Kloe: Correct. You have your verdict, so now you have your mission.

<after destroying the other sheep / xeltera followers an event plays and a limping fowlhunter with a small Nekomata in two approaches the angels>

Lilac: Who might you be… victims of those wretches, I take it?
Rosalia: I’m Rosalia… and this here is one of the children I rescued, we’d been hiding in the bushes, but after seeing you destroy those wicked things, we felt you may be able to help.
Nanianne: Ah! You appear to be wounded, Kloe?
Kloe: Got it. Just hold still, okay? <Kloe heals Rosalia’s wounds>
Kloe: The little one Kloe can’t help, mostly she’s suffered emotional damage. Where are her parents?
Nanianne: Dead… and they had no easy time of it either.
Kloe: That explains.
Also here's some screenshots from Fyori's finale event.




The Menagerie meeting up where they were first brought together over 500 years ago.



I think I'm depressed. *laugh track*
The last couple mornings I've been waking up with a conversation with myself.
Like "Man, I hate that I haven't been making anything lately". "Why don't you make something then?" "I dunno, what's stopping me?"
or I'll be sleeping in "I really should get up" "Why don't you get up then?" "I dunno, what's stopping me?"
It's a tiresome question. Like "How do I make myself thirsty enough to drink?" Salt? What's the equivalent of salt in this situation?

I find myself asking the same question with story outlines. Trying to figure out what character motivations are or should be. But that's where the theory of Dramatica comes in, which helps answer these structure problems. Granted you find the right word choice.

Speaking of word choice, I recently learned that the opposite of Serendipity - a happy/fortuitous turn of events, is called Zemblanitous - the dreadfully expected.
Applying this to dramatic, I think I see now why so many stories start with a destiny or fate, only to overturn it by the end. Because that's satisfying. The reverse is...maybe not entertaining?
It's like an episodic TV show, where a situation comes along that changes everything. You just know it's too good to be true. Somehow by the end of the episode the status quo will be reset.
But maybe it doesn't have to be a bad thing. Because even if a plot device resets everything - there's still a window of opportunity to show us something we wouldn't get to see otherwise. We can keep that knowledge with us. And sometimes "now we know" is satisfying by itself, in theory.

I suppose a quest for knowledge can technically lead to a disappointing answers. You can build a mystery on what's on the other side of a locked door. Your imagination fills it with fantastical things. Then you learn for real that it's...just an empty closet. *sad trombone*
Should stories like that be told? Absolutely not. Not without an ironic B plot.

Imagine, a villain uses a time machine, and he planned for the heroes to pursue him. So in the A plot- the heroes fall to temptation, ignore the villain, and pursue a disappointing truth that didn't live up to their imagination. The B plot would follow the villain, with a parallel structure where his plans are completely ruined because the heroes didn't follow his expectations - the question of "what are they doing" leads him to imagine how the heroes could have out-witted him 1001 different ways. None of them being true of course. But forcing him to play it safe and abort his mission - which would have 100% worked.



I've been doing some...well, I can't really call it "creative" writing. But it is writing!
I saw Remi_chan writing out Status Screen descriptions. Something you see in a lot of Isekai/Game Worlds manga/anime settings.
Listing out Titles, Traits, and Abilities.
I thought it would be a fun simple exercise. Except...it's not as fun, unless the character has an impressive repertoire. To make it fun you have to make it some how shameful or painfully pathetic to read. [Forever Alone][Virgin][Bed Wetter]. You know, stuff nobody would take pride in. It's like, do babies have status screens? Do those titles expire? How embarrassing would it be if a person grew up living an uneventful life with no feats to their name, so they're still carrying these titles from infancy like [Born Yesterday].
"Oh, come on! That's Impossible!"
"Not unless your parents are time travelers and never told you"
"R-really? I'm a time traveler?"
"Oh look. [Born Yesterday] just changed to [Delusional]."
"No. No. That must be it. It makes so much sense!"

Edit: That kind of meta-awareness has to useful for all kinds of situational humor.
*Ping* You've got [Cancer]!
*Ping* You're [Pregnant]!
*Ping* [Cuckold]!
*Ping* You're now [Orphan]!
Hmm. I mean, it's funny if you set it up right. Jump cut just as the horror sets in.
Maybe some chain reaction gag.
"Don't eat that after it's been on the floor"
"It's fine. 5 sec rule."
*Ping* You got [Parasites]
"Omg!" *self induced vomiting*
*Ping* [Bulimic]
"What! That's not fair."
*Ping* [Cry Baby]

Edit2: It's funny when the system knows before you do.
*Ping* [Cat Owner]
"But I don't have a cat..."
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I hate to blame the weather. But I think part of the reason I've been unproductive lately is the heat. Or maybe the humidity. Idk. It cooled off briefly, for a few days it felt like it was already Fall and I suddenly had the energy to do something.

I drew this for practice. Someone wanted emotions on MV's Imp. But unless I rearrange the bones of the face, the only expressive part about it would be the eyes.
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I totally get you! The heat makes me all lethargic and not want to put effort into anything. And yet people love this weather...

I'm liking the blinking! Reminds me of lizards, I think?



So that Perseverance fangame I was working on hasn't gone anywhere. I mean, I had it all outlined with scene goals and everything. But the dialogue remained my arch nemesis.
It was mainly Sven being too passive. After consulting 101 different writing aids, I concluded that maybe he needed a love interest.
Eric Edson, this scriptwriter/teacher, mentioned his grad students all had a distaste for using a love interest in their script.
I can understand why. I feel like with any relationship, whether it's romantic or just a mentorship or something else, it shifts the focus from the individual to the pairing.
But for the sake of improving, I'll entertain the thought that Sven might be sweet on someone. The whole devil/angel gene thing is kinda fatal for anyone not Kara or Nola. But that just means Sven would have a reason to want to rid himself of that. One possibility is that Sven has already learned this realty, or, Esperia could have given him nightmares of what could happen to convince him he doesn't want that power.
So this girl could be completely imaginary. A dream entity. She could be a spy meant to infiltrate the perseverance union. She got too close to Sven for her own good. Got burned. Sven thinks she's dead. Maybe she was already undead. Maybe this was the Angel gene's doing, but Sven believes it's the Devil gene. That's got a nice wound>truth>healing arc to it.
There's a lot of potential here. I hate to admit it might work.
But maybe it won't.

As for "her" design. I based it off a fluffy Norwegian Forest Cat. She might even have a tree name to work with some other imagery I had in mind.

Thank you for viewing

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