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What are you working on? (Game Making Thread)

Oh Right. I was out of power for about 24hours. I'm currently getting prepared for the holidays.
The RMMZ 1.4 update finally came out, followed by 1.4.1 the very next day...and from what I read some people still had to roll back to 1.3.3 version because of issues. *sigh*
I really don't know what their problem is.
Incompetency! There's a surprisingly amount of that in professional spaces these days. Look at New World for a big heap of it... 24 hrs is an insanely long time though! Did you have to eat all the refrigerated items?



I boiled some eggs once I got power back. The freezer dethawed a bit. But everything stayed cold enough I think. Meat was still sealed. The ice cream melted a little but it's still editable. Restaurants had to throw all their stuff out for safety reasons.


Chaos Goddess

After locking myself into an open beta weekend for Fantasia that will start on the 15th of January, it become immediately prudent I had to go somewhere towards making Fantasia Scene 16: Pride Eclipse.

Lo and behold: I finished it!
Huge thanks to CoyoteCraft for the Lilac casting hand animation.

I've also been working very hard on planetary exploration and getting those systems implemented. All orbital images are done and I've got all the assets and infrastructure underway... but this will be too many images (There's 88 interface images for location beacons and about 28 orbital images, too) so I'll pass on that for now.

But yeah, ya girl is gettin' work done!
My new year's resolution is to be more productive in Game Making. And by that I mean actually producing games, playable, tangible things, and not the vaporware / feature chase I've been working on for the past seventeen years.


Chaos Goddess

Good heavens I almost have 10k makerscore.

I guess it won't hurt to announce it, I'll be doing a live beta weekend of Fantasia Demo 3 starting the 15th of January, so I'm gonna be hard at work the next 10 days getting it ready for such an occasion!

I'll have more information at a later date~! I intend to have it all ready to go by the 12th, leaving me some few days to breathe, relax and get word out.



I'm suppose to be helping with Fantasia.
My family got covid last weekend. The first few days was the worst. Fever, Body ache, sinus pressure. But after that it just feels like a cold. Although I've been sleeping a lot.
So I haven't been making the progress I thought I would.

Today my sense of smell just disappeared. Poof. Gone. Which is crazy. I had it all week.


Chaos Goddess

I'm suppose to be helping with Fantasia.
My family got covid last weekend. The first few days was the worst. Fever, Body ache, sinus pressure. But after that it just feels like a cold. Although I've been sleeping a lot.
So I haven't been making the progress I thought I would.

Today my sense of smell just disappeared. Poof. Gone. Which is crazy. I had it all week.
Bro what the heck?? I don't think you ever even told me? I'm so sorry you had to suffer that!!

Considering the circumstances, the fact you've gotten so much done already is insane!

For reference... he got me essentially two full spritesheets of work.
Number 1:

Number 2:

Honestly! I'd half suspect you decided not to mention it because you feared I'd guilt trip you into taking care of yourself!

(I wouldn't have but I would have said "take it easy if you can!" or something!)


Chaos Goddess

Been working on an absolute heckton of maps lately, I'm going completely ham on the planetary exploration front!

Tekerlek is finished, outside of one item which I may ask Coyote to help with, since he already made a large amount of progress towards it as seen a couple pages ago (or not because images broke lmaoooo)

So, here's those!

Tekerlek: The Wheel

Tekerlek is the space station of the space monkey pirates, whimsical little creatures who just like to do as they please. The name of their station is literally turkish for "The Wheel". Thematically, the Space station resembles the navigator's wheel of an olden days sailing ship.



The central pub and one of the most popular, especially for tourists and adventurers. it has a cellar full of ale, and accomodations on the floor above!

The Underbelly

As is typical of piracy, there's a darker side- and that manifests in the lawless lanes of the Underbelly. Where gambling is rife, and violence no less! Nowadays its a mite tamer though, due to the unsettling presence in the vault and a large number of casualties surrounding it.

Deadman's Vault

Deep within Tekerlek lies a hoard of treasure so large it almost compares to the White Wyrm's hoard... however, while this was once the cumulative assets of every pirate who fell and had no inheritors, it has since been taken over by a malicious presence.

Many have entered, none have returned.

And i bet you naively thought that was all! Oh, how I pity you your fragile faith. It is not my intention to leave you so undernourished, far be it from my goals to dripfeed you content like I've aught to hide!

So I also got all of Draik's locations done... some of you may recognize the basic format used, as it does mirror the Draik from menagerie in areas like Napalm Plains and Drakirden, for you- for all these ideas yet seen, and those seen poorly in ages past... allow me to grant you the vision to behold the world as it was meant to be.

Napalm Plains


A large area with tragic vibes but a fiery determination to press on. All but one of Draik's Zones can be accessed from this area.

Priscilla's Prices

In Menagerie, there was an unnamed Dragonar who would accept priceless Gems from the player, and in turn would crush them down into useful but not so priceless materials, gems mostly. Well, that same dragon, calling herself Priscilla, has a veritable hoard of priceless items, deciding "priceless" is a bizarre concept- she gives her gems a price, and opens business to her kind and mortals alike.

Drakirden: Greatburrow of the White Wyrm


What a truly great new look, in Menagerie, there was a stepping stone jump puzzle with a chest at the end, now however, there lies the entrance to another area accessible from nowhere else but the Starship's OTB (orbit-to-beacon) teleporter.

Dragonblood Murderden

While i would love to go into the dark things that transpired in this unholy place, it might be best to wait for the Enma's mirror to tell the story- some authors are better tellers than I, a humble observer!

The Dark Inside
Not a map, a video! It's a smallish zone, featuring the so far only NPC in Draik in its entirety, an old name from Menagerie who served as an optional boss at the end of the tier 6 weapon forging arc. Trimorphous goes into ancient lore, so that's fun!

I now move onto the last three maps for Byteopia, and then the oneshots, like the Pink Sun's Magenta Aubade, the Galaxion's Sattelite Xeraphar and it's mental health facility: The Reformatory- and the moon Xoraq and the Dessucate that scars its surface... after all that, I'll go do the last four maps for Galaxia, then finish with all five of Nadine's areas. That will finish the Magenta sector, which is by far the largest of them all.

After that, it's to the Turqoise sector to deal with four maps for Postmartia, the remaining three maps for Haven, four more maps for Zirkov, and then the one shots, spanning from the desolate Gaseous, the toxic satellite of Zirkov: Urania and finally to the Heart of Creation in the Blue Sun.

From there, the Amethyst sector will come next, with four maps for Zen Nekoma, and a mere one area for Zen Aneia. From there, only one shots remain, the untamed wilds of Fungaris, the Maktar Nebula within Ésotériqueois and finally ending with Sol Arcanae Sidera:(in latin: Sun of Arcane Stars) the discovery-focused city inside the Purple Sun.

But even then, my work isn't done. For the marvels of our own solar system still await, and thats not to even speak of the few worlds within the Sunless Galaxy.

Suffice it to say, I shall be very busy for the foreseeable future as I work my way towards the game's release on 3/14 and the open beta weekend that get delayed until the 22nd. Hopefully after seeing the kind of work I've been doing, you can accept that I could not have made it on such short notice- however, the self-inflicted crunch proved invaluable for pushing me to work to my limits!


Chaos Goddess

I'm not done, after making that post, I began working on the final cinematic remaster that needed to be done for Demo 3.

Immediately upon booting the game for the first time (aka without a save file) or starting a new save, you are prompted to accept the Crazy Chimp Collective Tolerance Advisory, immediately after this, a scene plays- a scene that serves as ostensibly a splash screen and is now horrifically outdated...

At least, that was the case.

It's not anymore.

Fantasia Scene 00 - The Dream
It's an incredible improvement.



Don't worry; it happens to everybody. Sometimes you cannot deal with your problems by yourself; you have a lot of stress and nothing wrong with getting it off. Often people do it by crying, so you don't have to feel bad for letting your feelings out.

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