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What are you working on? (Contest Edition)


Mage of Light

Thinking about making some Halloween/autumn themed tiles in Snowball/Fiora style. Prolly will pack some more standardish tiles in a separate pack for the sake of usability.
update: 9/19/21 (in same post because I don't want to double post)
I've started drafting out some things on paper. Pretty soon I'll likely start making tiles for them.

I feel like I need more stuff for this tileset, even if I do stick with exterior stuff.

(I'm assuming this is the right place to post progress reports now that the contest has started?)
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Progress is slow, but I'm planning to take advantage of Construct 3's new 3D capabilities. Currently coding it so that changing elevation for stairs is smooth. 😁



I had some goofy character concepts made up. Hell's IT support. "For the Hell of I.T."
Like how does the Grim Reaper collect a Ghost in the Machine?

Ok. But what kind of game should it be?
I had some goofy character concepts made up. Hell's IT support. "For the Hell of I.T."
Like how does the Grim Reaper collect a Ghost in the Machine?

Ok. But what kind of game should it be?
Sounds a bit like a Papers Please-esque game, or something?
Going through standard procedures to solve their problems, when the occasional demon or whatever throws a curve ball. :unsure:


Mage of Light

currently I have absolutely no motivation to work on an entire tileset. I'm vaguely wondering if I should try and twist that jello dark timeline roguelite idea into a horror roguelike, but at the same time I don't want to tempt myself with yet another project I'll get carried away with.
Basic idea would be to use some scripts to vaguely try to go for a ducttaped together pokemon mystery dungeon type thing in vxace, though there's likely a lot of ways to make it really crappy, and I'm not sure if I have the skills to make a procgen pokemon horror game in under a month.



I think I'll I'll try making some World Map Icons. Something like a Haunted Mansion, or Demon Castle, or Witch Den.
MZ has an "evil castle" but it doesn't match the tileset.



This was just a sketch I did at that start when I was brainstorming game ideas.
I think I'll be making a simple collect-a-thon maze game. You know. Like Pac-man with Ghosts.
I'm fond of the "Hell of I.T." concept but computers just aren't very Halloweeny to me. Plus I have graphic ideas I want to make that are outside of it. I want to make resources that have practical applications.
I think I'll just make a quick and simple game this weekend, my spirit willing, and upload it monday. Just so the contest has something. And then I can focus making graphics for the reminder of the time.
Sounds like a plan.


Chaos Goddess

This is the first and only post I'll be making in this thread, as some of you already know i decided to resign from the competition, i just wasn't feeling it and Fantasia really is too all-encompassing a passion project to not work on it whenever I open RPGmaker.

But since we're here, I figured I may as well share what I did work on during my time and what my plans were for the project.

A project like this was born from my storywriting and not from my game making drive. If i were to compete, i would simply write a book of the events within instead where i could give it the attention it deserves.

The story focuses around Xaela, once a fairly benevolent handmaiden of an old MCP who cherished mortal interactions, to an evil god who is considered the most malicious being the entire cosmos.

It would start among the throne of the MCP, but back in Xaela's day, there was no blue sun, the world, the cosmos- was much simpler.

There was one dimension, a primordial landscape of creativity and creation. While still a vast universe, with its three afterlives, things were much less complicated. You died, you chose you afterlife, and you did things as you saw fit. Satanifa, while a mere puppet of the twins, was largely benevolent, and she even lifted the rule of origination as she became more fond of mortals and their hearts desires.

They wished that nothing would end, she granted it. Now knowing there was no clock, great things were accomplished, an age of invention and high magic ublike has ever been seen in the current iteration, but- like with great power comes great responsibility, with great usage comes great debt.

The system was waning under the weight of this revolution, and from it was birthed malice or 'evil'. A genome that embodied it under the codename of 'X' was given existence. X's influence was massive, but largely undetectable.

Despite this bad turn, Xaela and her eleven fellow Seers of Eld were like family, and willfully served Satanifa, who was like a grandmother to them. It was not to last however.

The Twins noticed something was going wrong, and so they returned after an 875,705,418,000,000 year break (which is about a month in their time) to see what the fuss was. They returned to see their MCP breaking the rules they had set, and a dark sickness welling up through the universe. Confronting Satanifa, they'd learned mortals had influenced her and so they chided her, calling her weak for not standing her ground, in that moment, Satanifa rebelled, chiding the twins for their absence, at this, the twins decided it was time they sent a message to the cosmos.

You rebel, you perish.

After combining into YHWH, they shattered Satanifa in a blast so massive that it utterly broke the universe. What was once a small manageable dimension was now a sprawling expanding and ever growing thing, to contain the damage, the twins seperated large chunks of the swell into alternate dimensions, and gave each a blue sun, an egg timer that would implode in on itself after 314 billion years and return the dimension to its base components, after dispatching Satanifa, the twins turned their focus to the now obselete seers of eld, and erased 11 of them, and their next target was Xaela, in this moment, Xaela felt heartbreak, fear, helplessness and desperation.

Her desire to live on did not go unnoticed, an eldritch abomination swooped in to quit her the sentence she was due, while Yi imagined she had successfully wiped the seers of eld out, Wi noticed the escape, and made plans to tend to it in her own time.

Xaela arrived at a destination most dark indeed, here she heard the voice of 'X' through one of her abominations, X gave her an option, live a normal life, but should she ever seek real purpose, seek out the genome of evil in her heart.

Xaela, horrified at her newfound children, was returned to a world that had known prosperity, where she tried to forget the horros and move on, the weight of Satanifa and her fellow seers weighed heavily on her. Over the years as she tried to help people only to be met with horrified screams, rudeness or just indignation, she began to feel lost.

It was one day when telling someone of themselves as they'd requested, that her life was threatened, that she for the first time got angry and showeed her malice.

All she had done had tried to help people, yet despite being asked for help, and given clear guidance, they would rather reject the truth.

In a blind fit of rage, a tentacle emerged from her back and found itsway through the mans ribcage, killing him instantly. Upon regaining her senses, Xaela was at first horrified... but then, something else overtook her, something sinister.


she summoned 7 more tentacles and began brutalizing the body in a frenzy. At this juncture, she'd realized people were weak, frail and insecure. That no amount of mind-reading would be good enough.

After regaining her composure, she cleaned up the evidence, and knew she could keep clear of suspicion due to her ability to read people's minds.

A few weeks later, still feeling lost, she remembered X's offer. So she opened a passage way to his domain, she had learned how to create cosmic portals by this point. However, X was not the only person she would find.

The Demon Lord: Astaroth, was attempting to seal the evil genome. Xaela confronted astaroth, and lent power by X, she was able to overcome the Demon Lord, who retreated to Heldath. X praised Xaela on finding herself, the only person who she didn't know like a book.

The abominations she had previously been frightened of greeted her warmly, calling her 'mother'.

X revealed that it was her fear, misery, hatred, desperation and wont to survive that had brought such beings into existence. She was their mother, and she could create more on a whim with strong enough emotional output.

X offered her immortality, godlike powers and immunity to erase and destroy commands if she would help it escape it's bonds and become a tangible real thing.

Xaela refused, saying she would rather die than be a slave. Her time with mortals has brought her to a point where she appreciated the freedoms she had, and no longer sought to serve under Satanifa either.

X wouldn't take no for an answer, and sent it's physical form against her, however, with the help of X's borrowed power that she had not given back, and her brood, she was able to hold her own, and eventually learned how to win.

She tore open the body of X's container, and absorbed the evil genome into herself, her final words to him being 'Farewell, Xalatath.."

Xaela's will was much stronger than X's, and so she bound the fiend in chains deep within her minds, X had no influence on her, she had his powers, but not his ambition.

At this point, Xaela had become an evil god. Now immortal, godly in power, and unable to be erased or destroyed. This was X's protection, which Xaela had stolen for herself. One thing she knew for certain is that it would be boring if everyone served, people should be free to suffer and feel joy.

To test that this could work, she would go and corrupt the planet of Xerxana, not be any sort of control, rather by showing the inhabitants the joys of slaughter, of butchering foes, and in the adrenaline of escaping from them. a free society bathed in a euphoria of bloodshed and violence,

These were the Imperians, once discovered by the Twins, they were marked for death, and a genocide did follow, only one survived, one who was smarter than the rest.

Xali. The soon-to-be best friend of Xaela.

Upon meeting Xali, the game would have ended most likely.

It was gonna be a lot of work so I ultimately lost interest, but here's a few resources I did get done.

Occult Windowskin

Title Screen

Interesting note, the rating (S for Sensitive) is the same as Crowfeast)

Xaela Sprites

As seen, I intended to do eight-frames.



I say this every year. But October sucks. There's always so much going on. Harvest, birthdays, reunions. Plus storms that can knock out internet and power. It's why I always fail at "inktober".
I've got a list of resource ideas to pull from.

For World Map Icons I've already got a graveyard and hedge maze. I'm thinking a corn field might be a desirable. Corn mazes might just be a halloween thing where I come from. A shipwreck, lighthouse, and Dracula's castle is also on my list of world map things.

Blood splatters are an easy thing to make. Occult looking chalk circles too.

For "modern" assets. I wrote down a morgue locker wall and table. I guess I'm doing morbid death related things this year. But the doors and pull out trays with bodies is a technical challenge. Ideally, they need to be big enough for the RTP down sprites.
Also a Meat Freezer. Meat Hooks. Chains. Monster cages. Iron Maidens. Torture chamber stuff.
Padded Rooms. Nurses. Strait Jacket. Store Mannequins.

For character sets. I was thinking of just front view $Big_Monsters. Giant Spider. White Wolf. Mummy.
Most RTP already have zombies. But maybe Zombies coming out of the ground.
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I was making some tileable textures. Although what I produced isn't really halloween-ish
I tried making autotiles. But formatting it just isn't very intuitive.



I know a maze isn't that impressive. But I thought maybe a 3D maze using Effekseer would be *technically* impressive.
I've got a proof of concept using test graphics. But Effekseer has it's own issues I have to deal with. Some things don't display the same way in Effekseer as they do in MZ. Why can't anything work like it's suppose to?



If I nail down the movement/camera controls tonight, I might have a presentable albeit simple maze by the end.
But I'm also not super eager to do anymore than what I have because I feel like I'm the only one doing anything.

Alright, it's 4AM, and this is what I've got to show so far. Not much, so I got to work bloody hard tomorrow... there's no game yet! Took ages to finally decide what idea to go with, so out the blue I decided to go for something heavily inspired by Plants vs Zombies. Still got to do menus, UI, make graphics for the Trick-or-treaters, etc, etc. Aaaaand I have work tomorrow evening, so this is going to be interesting.
But I'm off to bed now.

Thank you for viewing

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