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The sketch thread!


Chaos Goddess

teach will be so proud! Another monthly homework prompt! This one was for 'Dinner for Two' and so after some VERY REASONABLE AND FAIR CHOICE PARALYSIS I came to realize the idea of Xaela and Xali having a chill picnic in some cthonian dystopic setting was what I wanted to do most.

I had already hinted in various Apocrypha, most notably Romance of Evildoing Camaraderie that these two had something of a relationship built on that they understand and respect each other.

They are both at their best when they are being evil as hell and unapologetically themselves. So in what could almost be seen as an homage to a scene described in the apocrypha above I had them on the eldritch edifice having a picnic (wickerberry tea included!) as a city and world burned beneath them. yet another civilization of savages victim to the Children of Calamity and their destructive rampages.

Picnic of a Sort

As per usual, I have also provided a speed draw video to show my process.This art piece took nine hours, over three different streams. One of the longest rendering times in recent history.

Thank you for viewing

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