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The Screenshot Thread 2

What's QABS?
The fade's cool. I'm a fan of numbers for cooldowns.

It scales to screen size? Even different ratios? That's pretty cool!
So I've been working on a mobile game. Decided this is the year I'll release at least one game!

I've taken some inspirations from a few games I like, and just ramming it all into a single game! Not much to show so far, especially since I keep going back to tweak the Lockpicking minigame.


As always, I'm making it in Construct. So I'm sure I'm far from best practices, though using lerp is very fun. Whenever you transition between grids, it does a zoom in & out which looks pretty nice in motion, I think.


I wanted to make the landscape / portrait capability be the smallest headache possible. Essentially the actual game area is a square (300x300) but uses the Scale Outer option, with the UI either bound to the center or anchored to a corner. It's working quite well so far.
Oh yeah absolutely. I want to try and hit that sweet spot of being challenging, but also account for being on mobile. So you got a 15° leeway on either side of the unlock point. And it rewards patience... so if you try to rush it and cause a lot of stress, the lockpick breaks quickly. But if you take small pauses from stressing it, it quickly recharges to full health.

I might try and get a video up of it in motion, as I don't think the screenshots really do it justice.
Svoli is a fun character to write, now she's all having her big 'yeah im not running away im in here and i'll die as many times as i gotta to make shit work' moment.
Haven't put as much time into the game as I wanted, but I'm still making progress! I've began to implement enemies who will periodically glow red for extra clarity that they're enemies. Everything's a WIP, except for the health thing.

So continuing to wear my inspirations on my sleeve, I've gone ahead and borrowed the Health-Condition thing from the early RE games. Though the images don't show it, it does smooth transitions of colour (Green > Yellow > Orange > Red) as you take damage. So yellowy greens, etc. Also the blips decrease in height, as a reflection of your current health %. It looks quite nice in motion I think. I've gone with an additional condition state, and given them different names compared to RE (which was Fine > Caution > Danger).

A slight issue is that the first pass of the line thing seems to always have gaps (it was made with particles from Construct's particle object). Can't seem to figure out a good fix aside from doing a fade-in from black for the game. So I've left it as is for now.
Ellie, that all looks great. Except the horses. I don't know what it is, but something seems off about isometric horses lying on the ground. Maybe it's that their necks and heads and manes just look kind of snake-like from this angle? Anyway, the town looks great.

Ellenor, Tears of Magic looks good too. I'm pretty sure I've seen that somewhere else though. Do you also post on Reddit, Imgur, or Facebook? It looks so familiar. How close are you to a playable vertical slice of your game?
No suprise if you have seen it, it has been posted on reddit, twitter and fb =P
(on reddit it got marked as "hot" in the jrpg section.)

So maybe you saw it from there?

Playable it is very close, we are going to release a prototype for people to play in the first months of 2021.


Chaos Goddess

I can't feel my arms...

I have done little more than spend atrocious amounts of time (and some good money, well spent though i assure you~!) forging, merging and arranging tilesets for each major world/biome I need.

Spriteopia was forged from the mz and mv rtps, ancient dungeons some others from first seed material or something.

SolarPlace was forged from MV's dungeon B, KR's elemental phoenix dungeon sets and sci-fi set seen just prior to it, it will be used for areas like Draik, Solaris Archivium and other such fiery deathscapes.

Spriteopia will be used mostly for its own planet, including the darkvoid, however it can also be used for the pink sun.

there's now 243 tilesheets in my tilesets folder, its at almost 100 megabytes

I have completed all the entries I should need for now, all thats left is the remaining half of passabilities, THEN i can get to mapping!

Amidst all this, Koko's voice actor came through with all her lines, and I've just recently updated all cutscenes with those, here is a taste of her new canon voice.


Chaos Goddess

Relevant to the post above...

Spriteopia has bloomed into a most exquisite flower!

Foremost Fae Chateau

This is Foremost Fae Chateau! A kingdom and the Spriteopian capital!

Velvet Veridian Skies

Essentially the wilds of Spriteopia on the cloud layer, later on I'll have rainbows shafting down and have cute fae creatures roaming about, Nagelkitties, Pixies, Harpi's, etc.

Arcane Sanctuary
A similar map exists in menagerie, this only only goes more ape. This is Blu the Spellweaver's old pocket domain.

The Darkvoid

The playful capital of the Shadow Pixies and other mischievous faefolk who prefer dark over light. Beyond the shadowed clouds and various structures and homes the pink sun can be seen... no, not the present pink sun, the pink sun from an entire session ago. The Pink Sun carried over by the plan of the Queen of Shadows and her kin to avert their doom come re-origination.

Light's Extinction

As the screenshot makes clear, this is the royal palace of the Queen of Shadows. Despite her ominous name she's not openly confrontational, but will be quick to retaliate if harm is brought to her people, especially her daughter, Mad E. Lin.

These aren't the only maps I've done, but you'll wanna hit up "what I'm working on" thread for those~!

Thank you for viewing

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