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Rave Heart

Rave Heart

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share this fantastic wallpaper for the main cast of my game Rave Heart in a casual setting, if they weren't in a galactic war. ^_^ Character Art generated using Leonardo A.I., photoshopped + put together by me. Hope u guys like it! <3

Download for original huge image: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8kzqfsvi2imgu0w/Rave+Heart+Characters+Wallpaper.png/file

Rave Heart is getting an overhaul update! Version 7.0 is coming to Steam and Itch this June! with WASD accessibility, new in-game artwork overhaul, bug fixes, and brand-new sidequest content! Stay tuned! <3 ^_^



Rave Heart Overhaul Edition is now live on Steam & Itch! Enjoy a new side quest with powerful foes, new in-game artwork, WASD movement, bug fixes, and more!

Rave Heart is 50% Off on Steam! If you enjoy classic JRPGs like Final Fantasy, but in space, grabbing your copy of the game will sate that classic JRPG appetite. 😁❤️

ANNOUNCEMENT: Rave Heart assets are now reverted back to the DS portrait art pack! You may now officially enjoy the beautiful human-made assets while playing Rave Heart. The new side-quest with all the new super-bosses are still available in this asset revert update. Hope you all enjoy! ^^ <3

You may also download a gallery pack for all the images made for the overhaul for free: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CzVGjjlYibeXU3Tu_dt5xCvY-kJfne74/view?usp=drive_link



Rave Heart is 48% Off on Steam for the Steam Spring Sale! :D

Hello everyone! Check out this awesome and detailed tv tropes page that Bugfragged made for Rave Heart ^^:


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