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Perseverance: Full Clearance

Perseverance: Full Clearance


Chaos Goddess

This game may not be for all audiences, please read the Crazy Chimp Collective Tolerance Advisory to know if this game may be problematic for you. It is your only protection.

His red face melded, on poster of want...
This Rapscallion may relinquish the Naxonite haunt.

With red coat unique and devil eyes beneath,
Only he may wield the Perseverance to quell their teeth.

but shall he fall, to Naxon's folk--
our great nation, be doomed to choke.


Perseverance is an action-packed shooter that takes inspiration from Ratchet and Clank, Oddworld, V for Vendetta, LackadaisyCats and some others. The game features a lot of gunplay, but also has some more melee weapons for those who like a little hack and slash.

The game also heavily features puzzles, minimalist platforming and other toys, but the most notable feature of all the mechanisms is the 20+ boss encounters.

Perseverance could be considered an untitled prequel to Intelligence, seeing as it focuses largely on Pep's backstory. The game has cats with guns and also demon girls and eldritch pig monsters what else could you even want?

I mean outside of entirely awesome graphics, a 60 song OST and 6+ hours of gameplay, which we have all of by the way!

Perseverance also has a deep compelling story and a very atmospheric world to learn about for those who have more control over their urges. A lot of items can be interacted with for various tidbits of info, comedy or other stuff.

The Game's strong suit is its gameplay and storytelling-- but it also has very charming huggable characters... with guns!






For Windows:

For Macintosh:


Chaos Goddess

Reserving this post for future content and a known issues list.

Known Issues:
-Some animations will have a black box appear, this appears to be a result of using the iavra gif plugin which i rely on heavily, so this won't be fixed easily. But i do have some ideas in the works.
-In Act 2: The World, in the third segment of the Nuclear Testament, the map will sometimes go completely dark when toggling the switch to disable the Xenon fall. This is thankfully easy to circumvent by going down to the obelisk in the bottom right, saving and reloading the fave. I intend to fix this in the future by using events instead of switching a parralax.
-The difference between moving and stationary fire can be hard to define. In a future patch I will simply either make an alternate button for alt-fire or remove alt fire abilities completely, as most of them produce unpleasant bugs that are difficult to balance the game's combat around, or just flat out don't work.
-The parryshield alternate fire for the Ethereal Blade does not work as intended.
-The Divine Spears have a bust damage algorithm for their travel distance, meaning they become at longer distance from hitting their target, the most powerful weapons in the game.
-The Esperia #3 fight lacks much clarity, the general rule until the final phase is don't try to sprint or shadow dash, as Esperia will hard lock your character for a few seconds and deal damage in response. Likewise, using a weapon that is not melee (Cleaver is best) will result in the same.
-Sometimes the fight with Esperia #3 three will bug in its first two phases, causing her meteors of heaven ability to come down all at once. If this occurs, try reloading, if it won't go away, ask me for a save file and I will provide.
-Some fights due to intensity will lag on low-end PCs
-Sometimes boss health bars will appear to be vanished but need another shot to finalize victory, Warth'og Phase 2 and Xepp Phase 2 are notorious examples of this, though it doesn't always happen.
-In Xepp Phase 1, the timer will stay on 0:00 for a few moments before the win condition is met, which can lead to an unfair cheap death. I will fix this in the update i will make at some point to prep this game for steam direct.
-Weapons can be switched mid-battle but it's risky to do so due to how it doesn't pause the game. In future I intend to commission a plugin for the quick select menus rather than relying on picture events.
-That's all I can remember for now, but I've no dount there's probably more.


Chaos Goddess

Remi_Chan updated Perseverance: Full Clearance with a new update entry:

Demo 3 releasing fully on 3/14 most likely!

So, what's coming in Demo 3?
- Over 100 new optional events!
- Continuation of the main story!
- New and improved pamphlets, interface for rewards and more!
- Every cutscene updated from small scale file replacements, to fully blown cinematic animations!
- A myriad of fun characters to get to know, despise and secretly adore! Each with their own reasons for doing as they do!
- Over 20 more crazy bullethell boss battles!
- Writing fixes and...

Read the rest of this update entry...


Chaos Goddess

Ahaha damn I didn't think that would be possible in the old RS. The inspiration comes from the Planet Daxx Miniboss in Ratchet and Clank 3, a warship that does some of the attacks you see here.

Thank you for viewing

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