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Make Something | Play Something


Coming soon will be our super relaxed contest for this Hallowe'en. The idea of Make Something | Play Something is to get together as a community and create assets or games, and play and review other peoples games, while getting a chance to win great prizes along the way.

This will be funded out of my own pocket (we are a non-profit making website), but if anybody wants to chip in they are welcome to. Currently I am planning a prize fund of around $100, depending on participation, although I would love to use the prizes as an opportunity to showcase some commercial RM games potentially.


This year's theme will be Hallowe'en which simply means that whatever you Make or Play for the event needs to be loosely related to that genre. That means this is a great opportunity to play some of the great horror games on the site, or to create and share dark spoopy resources.


The best reviews will feature in the eZine, and we will also spotlight other content from the contest, in our eZine Hallowe'en Special envisaged for the end of October.

Who Can Enter?

The contest is open to anybody who is a member of this website, although any content you post must be posted to the site in some form. This will be discussed later on when we finalise the contest.

When does the contest start?

We want to gauge interest first but it will be pretty soon.

What are the categories?

Current thoughts:

- Games
Create a short game relating to the theme. This will have the biggest prize.

- Resources
Create resources or assets for use in other peoples' games.

- Reviews
Review a game from the website, minimum 250 words, with screenshots as proof of gameplay.

- Music
Create spoopy music for others to use in their games.

Each category will have its own grand prize. We reserve the right to use any reviews or graphics created as contest entries either in our eZine or on our website.



I'll be mostly offline over the weekend. But I'll be working on something for this jam.
Also, for the rest of the month I'll be blocking some websites that waste a lot of my time and distract me. I did something similar last year.


Chaos Goddess

I will probably start once pjcr is back online.

I got some work done but im getting stuck at the Xaela walk/run sprites so I might just comission one of my spriter friends like amysaurus to help me out there.

I'm having too much fun presently working on Fantasia woopsie!

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