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Magic Geoff and the Neverending Series of Convoluted Dungeons

Magic Geoff and the Neverending Series of Convoluted Dungeons

Hi guys, welcome to my blog for Magic Geoff, the latest game I am working on! I intend to just jot things down in here as they come into my head so it's a bit of an informal blog.
What is Magic Geoff?

It's a dungeon crawler. You work your way through a series of dungeons. Each is made up of a bunch of levels, in a linear system.

Once you've completed a dungeon you move onto the next and so forth.

Each dungeon has a series of levels and a final boss. Each level has:
  • Enemies
  • A boss enemy with a unique mechanic
  • Puzzles, including new or beefed up mechanics, or reimaginings of previous puzzles
  • An exit with some scenario to open it
  • Some story element, portrayed in different ways such as text or objects
  • Graphical elements and theming
On a grander scale each island or area has a series of dungeons, so it all adds together to create a larger game, but one that I can release in chunks and still feel "complete".


Battles are going to start off as a kind of early Zelda system, basic and single button mashing. As the game progresses new mechanics and objects are opened up increasing the complexity of the system, coupled with boss mechanics. As the bosses grow you too grow.

You will also lose mechanics however, there is no huge inventory or equipment selection process - you pick up an item and use it in that scene / level.

Characters and Story

There is a very basic underlying story, and that is the tale of six characters.

Magic Geoff is the title character who you play as.

Ubiquitous Dave is the damsel in distress, the love interest of Magic Geoff, captured by the evil evil person.

Unnamed Matilda is the big bad guy; she has captured Dave for some reason.

Just Cynthia is a basic mob who has become sentient and has ideas above her station.

Merlot the Magnificent is a tutor and guide who helps you along the way.

Cid the Evil is Merlot's other half in more ways than one. He acts as an evil mentor, to Matilda and Cynthia.

Graphics are a few edited graphics packs from GDM.


This is the overworld, which acts as a cutscene between dungeons. You don't get control over this as it is a linear game.


Dungeons look like this; again simple graphics I can edit easily later on.
Magic Geoff and the Neverending Series of Convoluted Dungeons

This is the latest project I am working on.

Basic premise is the same as Sneks and Demons but expanded into an RPG. A simple game that I can complete in a relatively short time, get online, and that the middle can be injected with new levels.

Brief then is to get a game finished and then add to it somewhat episodically.


The game is made of a series of DUNGEONS which are comprised of various LEVELS. These are different in size and scale but I have a few rules about what constitutes a dungeon and a level.

Each Dungeon Has:

  • Multiple LEVELS
  • One ENTRANCE and one EXIT (linear)

Each Level Has:

  • Various enemies including a BOSS (early levels not included)
  • At least one PUZZLE
  • A clear EXIT which is guarded by a PUZZLE
  • One new, refreshed or reimagined PUZZLE MECHANIC
  • One new, refreshed or reimagined BATTE MECHANIC


Some kind of mechanic which involves problem solving. It could be as simple as a spike trap or as complex as a lengthy sokoban puzzle where half the boxes are mimics.


Your typical enemies are Zelda-esque, in a very basic battle system (see below).


A boss is a more difficult enemy that guards the exit door. Early on these could be your basic mobs because you're a noob.

Bosses have their own mechanic which should be new and imaginative.

Battle Mechanics?

Hidden in each level will be the themed battle mechanic for that level, when we get to more complex levels anyway. So maybe you find a fireball spell scroll or something.

They don't stack. You don't get an inventory or spellbook or anything. You point and hit, and use whatever item you gained in that level.

It coud be a neat AoE spell; it might be necessary to find to complete the level.


As there is no inventory, your reward is GOLD. This forms the high scores system for the game.


Unlike Sneks and Demons this game will have saving, but only at the start of each level.

Thank you for viewing

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