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Blue Skies 2

Blue Skies 2

GAME DIFFICULTY (Warning! Final dungeon is going to be hell!)
Hello guys, I just wish to discuss something with you all.

Grinding in BlueSkies 2 for preparation on the Final dungeon is greatly advised. ^^;

In the game's final dungeon, reaching level 40-45 makes for a balanced battle in handling the last dungeon monsters. Reaching up to lvl 50-60, however, immediately makes you play the game on God-mode. xD

The last dungeon will no longer be leave-able, which means that you can no longer buy items and stuff once you're at the final dungeon. I don't want you to be stuck at the final dungeon with no choice of leaving to grind more and buy items.

So if you enter the Final dungeon with your party level ranging from 30-35, you're basically hopeless. :( I just wish to let you guys know in advance to avoid future frustrations with the Final Dungeon's difficulty. xD (My bad. xD )

Also, buying lots and lots of items such as Potions, Revives and Buffs can significantly boost your prowess at the Final dungeon. Cause it's gonna be a long challenge of pure survival once you're inside.

So take this as a warning when entering the Final Dungeon! xD (Don't worry though, there are lots of Grinding opportunity at the Last Continent.)

Hello all!! I am pleased to tell you all that I've uploaded the new BlueSkies 2 Complete version! V.20! (As well as a patch for anyone who downloaded the previous Complete version.)

Full Game of BlueSkies 2 version 2.0:
*Link removed. See thread for new version*

Version 2.0 Patch: (For people who've downloaded the previous full game's version)
*Link removed. See thread for new version*


- Gold and Exp gain from enemies at the Last continents have been increased
- Final dungeon enemies have increased probability of dropping healing items
- Final dungeon enemies' strength have been dramatically decreased
- Freeze bugs have been fixed
- Missing Party members bug have been fixed

This full download can now be enjoyed fully without the need for further patches! Enjoy everyone! ^_^

- BlueSkies 2 Character Map.

To all you guys who are interested, I just made a huge character map for BlueSkies 2 :) If you're curious on how characters are intertwined with each other, then I hope you'll enjoy this character map. :) (Warning: May contain spoilers)

Arts used by: terrorchan, Gozaru and Naramura
UPDATE! Version 2.5 of full version is now up. :)

This update is simply a bug fix for some of the bugs found by the awesome players. ^__^ Don't worry though, you may still use an old save for this version. ;)

Full Game of BlueSkies 2 version 2.5:
http://www.mediafire.com/file/dkaw24gd1 ... E_V2.5.rar

Bug fixes

- Krizza will no longer appear untimely at Utania village whenever you start roaming freely in the game. (The Krizza missing bug is also fixed already.)

- The game-breaking bug at Gemeid *spoilers* attacked state has been removed.

Special thanks to KyleLascar for specifically finding these glitches.

Enjoy everyone! ^_^
Hello guys!! I just wish to share this very cute, funny, and silly review art of Lyrelle and Luna done by halibabica! xDD It gave me quite the good laugh, given its context. :D


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