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A Sun-Kissed Fantasy (Harold Jam 2024 Entry)

A Sun-Kissed Fantasy (Harold Jam 2024 Entry) 2024-06-30

Starmage submitted a new resource:

A Sun-Kissed Fantasy (Harold Jam 2024 Entry) - My entry for the Harold Jam 2024. A tropical adventure RPG.


A Sun-Kissed Fantasy is my entry to the "Harold Jam 2024: Heroic Return" Game Jam! It is a short RPG featuring Harold on a tropical adventure.

Harold was washed ashore on Sun-Kissed Island, where David, a local surfer, found him. Harold realizes he has no memories of his home but still remembers his friends. With the help of his new friends, Harold sets out on an adventure to recover his memories...

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Here's a gameplay footage for this game of flailing your allies to gain advantage. xD

Also, here are concept arts for 2 of the chars:

David, the Surfer

Carmina, the Mistress
Check out HawkZombie's very fun stream for A Sun-Kissed Fantasy! You can also find his VODs for all the other fun entries of the Harold Jam on his channel! <3

A Sun-Kissed Fantasy placed 9th on overall ratings of the Harold Jam! It's been so fun working on this! ^^

I just made this Thank You art for the Harold Jam 2024! Thank you so much for the wonderful hosts of this jam, and for the amazing people who played/tested my entry and gave their feedback! Thank you to the streamers, and of course, the very talented devs who joined and made such enjoyable entries! Congrats again to the winners and to everyone!


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