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  1. OldPat

    PSYCHE Locke

    - Introduction - PSYCHE Locke is a short 2D Puzzle/Adventure game, with a dark and dystopian setting, which was created for the Theme Roulette event held by rpgmaker.net. It won "Game of the Year" and "Excellence in Narrative" awards during RMN's Misao Awards 2018. The main theme of PSYCHE...
  2. Ellie

    Blocks Blocks Brevolution

    BBB is a sample project for the HBGames Highscores System (HBHS), a centralised social score system for our website, a relaxed community of game developers and players. HBHS provides game pages with a high scores widget and tab, allowing members of our site to play against one another in...
  3. Fear Society 2

    Fear Society 2 is a horror anthology video game and the sequel to “Fear Society.” The game will have five different tales each with its own unique story and characters. Gameplay will center around exploration, puzzles, traps, and choice-based decision making which can affect how the story...
  4. Pudding

    The Monastery

    You play as Harold(not really, you can change their name), lost in the woods. Until a spirit(?) appeared and demanded three items to get you out of the woods. But strangely enough, these woods takes you into weird places. Will you be able to retrieve the items required to leave this terrible...
  5. Xhukari

    Three Heroes

    A small game made for a game jam back in 2017, which celebrated the release of Construct 3. Form a party of 3 heroes to brave the wilds and monsters, gaining power and treasures as you go... can you go the distance in this sliding-puzzle RPG? Features: Unique sliding puzzle mechanics 3 types...

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