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  1. Bridge


    A scene from one of many mmos I've attempted in the past.
  2. Ellie

    Advanced RPG Maker Issue 7

    In this special issue, Ellie takes a look at a way of creating MMORPGs using RPG Maker MV, while also looking at the security issues of doing so. Disclaimer: the method used, while powerful, is now deprecated in the JavaScript standard. At the time this was an optimistic look to the future, but...
  3. Ellie

    Advanced RPG Maker Issue 6

    In this issue we look at the release of Amber Throne, one of the most beautiful RPG Maker games of all time. Meanwhile, Ellie takes us on a retrospective seeing how the RPG Maker battler has evolved over time.
  4. Ellie

    Advanced RPG Maker Issue 4

    In this issue we look at the release of RPG Maker MV, while lamenting the loss of two giants of the RPG Maker community. Meanwhile Hotfirelegend takes us Beyond Reality.
  5. Ellie

    HBGames.org the eZine - Issue 23

    In this issue we look at the fifth anniversary of long-running (but now dead) MMORPG Afar, while Ellie looks at how game databases can be managed using Microsoft Excel.
  6. Ellie

    Wytches and Wyverns

    Wytches and Wyverns is my RPG Maker MV project, currently in development. As I have a very hectic work schedule and an even more hectic imagination, I tend to do sporadic large updates here and there with lots of time inbetween. The game started as an MMORPG but has now become just a...
  7. Ellie

    RPG Maker MV MMO Dev Kit

    I intend to make some scripts for RPG Maker MV when it comes out. I'll be making a game with them, but I want to also publish them to the community for folks to use. I would appreciate some input and suggestions if you have any. Basically it is the MV version of Netplay+, although it will be a...

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