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  1. Ellie

    HBGames.org the eZine - Issue 29

    Welcome to Issue 29 of HBGames.org the eZine! In this issue we take a look at mapping and whether we have been using cliff tiles wrong all this time. We look at alternatives to the RTP cliffs. We delve into dark humour and how it differs from just pure edginess, and look at one of the most...
  2. Ellie

    HBGames.org the eZine - Issue 25

    In this very short issue we look at the release of RPG Maker MV, while Ellie looks at mapping cliffs using real-life inspiration from an unexpected place.
  3. Ellie

    HBGames.org the eZine - Issue 20

    In a return to our larger sized format, we look at No-one Has to Die, the 2013 HBGames.org Game of the Year, while Spoo poems. We also look at the results of a short-run mapping contest.
  4. Ellie

    HBGames.org the eZine - Issue 17

    In this issue Ellie once more digs up some highschool knowledge by looking at Castles and how they existed in real life, concluding a short running series on world building. Meanwhile she looks at the concept of an arms race and how invoking such a thing can provide more realistic enemies and...
  5. Ellie

    HBGames.org the eZine - Issue 16

    In this issue Ellie looks at open world driving games in defiance of a University professor who does not see their worth. Meanwhile she continues a short running series on world building, this time looking at realistic coastlines, seeing how they are formed and how that can be factored into our...
  6. Ellie

    HBGames.org the eZine - Issue 14

    In this issue Ellie takes a look at Guild Wars 2 and how the living world concepts it evokes could be used in an RPG Maker title. Meanwhile in the first in a short series on world building, Ellie digs up some GCSE Geography knowledge and discusses how to create rivers that are realistic and...
  7. Ellie

    HBGames.org the eZine - Issue 12

    Back after a three year gap, this is issue 12 of HBGames.org the eZine, and was the first of Ellie's final format of the eZine - back to PDFs after all these years and finally settling on a larger page size and experimenting with some proper styling for the 'zine. Some crazy graphics aside, this...

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