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humble bundle

  1. Ellie

    Humble Bundle - Game Assets

    https://www.humblebundle.com/software/royalty-free-rpg-game-dev-assets-software?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_2_layout_index_2_layout_type_twos_tile_index_1_c_royaltyfreerpggamedevassets_softwarebundle These are actually really good this time around...
  2. Ellie

    Advanced RPG Maker Issue 3

    In this issue we introduce Degica's ultimate competition, while Tau reviews the old game, Balmung Cycle.
  3. Ellie

    Humble Sale - RPG Maker MV

    RPG Maker MV currently on a huge discount for those who need it. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/rpg-maker-mv
  4. Ellie

    Humble Bundle - 7,000 Game Icon Graphics

    Neat pack on Humble Bundle from $1 upwards. https://www.humblebundle.com/software/7 ... s-software In support of various charities to do with Covid-19 such as Comic Relief. Examples:
  5. Ellie

    Humble Game Making Bundle

    The Humble Bundle this time around is game making. Pay what you want for a year's Stencyl, 90% off RPG Maker, game dev starter pack, etc. Pay over $12 and get lots more including RPG Maker VX Ace Deluxe Edition and Spriter Pro. https://www.humblebundle.com/ 3 days left!
  6. Ellie

    Humble Bundle Thread

    Just a heads up guys, you can get Dragonage Origins for next to nothing, and then Dragonage II and Mass Effect 2, plus a bunch of other games, for $5 at the moment. https://www.humblebundle.com/
  7. Humble Indie Music bundle

    http://www.gamemusicbundle.com/ I donated $10
  8. Humble Bundle #3

    The Humble Indie Bundle #3 Pay what you want. If you bought these five games separately, it would cost around $50, but we're letting you set the price! All of the games work great on Mac, Windows, and Linux. We don't use DRM. When you buy these games, they are yours. Feel free to play...

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