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  1. Fear Society 2

    Fear Society 2 is a horror anthology video game and the sequel to “Fear Society.” The game will have five different tales each with its own unique story and characters. Gameplay will center around exploration, puzzles, traps, and choice-based decision making which can affect how the story...
  2. Pudding

    The Monastery

    You play as Harold(not really, you can change their name), lost in the woods. Until a spirit(?) appeared and demanded three items to get you out of the woods. But strangely enough, these woods takes you into weird places. Will you be able to retrieve the items required to leave this terrible...
  3. Pudding

    Chicken Blood

    A 3d horror game, in unity. And it has a doggo. Game made for Theme Roulette 4 Figured I upload here as well for others for the halloween event. You're trapped in a asylum and now you need to find keys to get out. Simple? Perfect. A small, horror game made by an inexperienced developer...
  4. Ellie

    Darkness of Ellievale

    This is a very quick and dirty frankensprite/recolour to create a dark village kind of environment for RPG Maker XP. It also includes some pallette matched trees and tree roots. No credit needed to me; I'm sure someone will find it useful as I would have when I started out.
  5. Curse of Slate Rock Manor

    Delilah and her friend Lyle grow worried after their fellow student fails to return in time for their graduation ceremony. Their friend Trent had left after finals to investigate a number of recent ghost sightings in Slate Rock, but failed to show up for graduation. After no clues show up during...
  6. One Night: Full Circle

    One Night: Full Circle is the final game in Dark Gaia's horror themed One Night series. It serves as the conclusion to the series and resolves the story arc that has been established through the previous games and ties the stories of One Night and One Night 2 together in a cohesive whole. One...
  7. Ellipsus

    Ellipsus is one of those moody psychological thriller/horror games that are all the rage these days. It focuses on horror through gameplay techniques rather than cinematic ones. The gameplay is basic and very easy, as it is not a focus. It's only 5 minutes long, and a few MBs, so why not give it...
  8. Infection

    The year is 2010, and the United States is at war with Middle Eastern terrorist groups. For the most part the engagement had been a stalemate, each side gaining nor losing any territory. That was until the terrorists decided to hit USA home soil once again, and this time end the war for good...
  9. One Night

    Overview One Night is a survival horror game created by Dark Gaia with RPG Maker VX. It was first released on January 2nd, 2009, and since then has garnered favorable reviews and has spawned two full sequels. It also holds the very dubious honor of being the first ever survival horror game...
  10. One Night 2: The Beyond

    ntroduction The Beyond is a freeware survival horror/adventure game created with RPG Maker VX. It is a psuedo sequel to the game One Night, however the story and locations are unrelated to the previous game and this game serves as a stand alone game. The Beyond is not a normal RPG Maker game...
  11. coyotecraft

    [XP] Wendigo

    Old Resource Request.
  12. Ellie

    Zombie Girl

    A new enemy for MV using various edits.
  13. Ellie


    Edit to the MV RTP providing an interesting enemy battler.
  14. Starmage

    Inner Sanctum

    Inner Sanctum is my submission to Studio Blue's RPG Maker MZ game jam. It is a Christian-themed horror/mystery game. The game had the honor of being ranked 3rd place on the game jam! And I'm truly honored and happy for that. ^_^
  15. OldPat

    The Lady Puppet

    The Lady Puppet is a Survival Horror Adventure game with emphasis on atmosphere and exploration. It features light puzzle solving sections, stealth sections and a peculiar "doll system" that lets you summon and control companions through the use of "dolls". Play as Lailah Reah, a young and...

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