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  1. Ellie

    The State of HBGames (July 2021)

    Hi guys, I'm currently on vacation and while I thought this would give me time to work on HBGames, instead I have found myself with 38kbps internet at best (essentially NO Internet at all). HBGames Xen has largely been successful but this post is a look at where we are and where we can go in...
  2. Ellie

    HBGames.org the eZine - Issue 28

    In this issue we look at games old and new, as we attempt to migrate our past games from the old forum system to the HBGames Xen games manager. We dig up a relic from the past, the enormous Aedemphia, and look at some of the games posted to HBGames in the past month including the amazing...
  3. Ellie

    HBGames.org the eZine - Issue 27

    In this issue Ellie takes a look at Pioneer Valley, some of the most beautiful graphics packs out there for game making. Meanwhile we introduce HBGames Xen, our conversion to Xenforo and the building of our content management system, including our new games pages and resource manager.
  4. Ellie

    New HBGames: Update Log

    New: Resources Manager The resources manager is for graphical and (eventually) audio resources for use in your games. It's still under development but most of the functionality is now there. For testing I have trawled the web for all of my old resources and added whatever I could find...
  5. Ellie

    The New HBGames

    Hello and welcome to what has been the result of days of rigorous testing and love and craft. Welcome to the new HBGames. What? Why? When we registered the HBGames.org domain back in 2009, it was our intention to move to a brand new shiny forum software called Xenforo. The package was bought...

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