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  1. Xhukari

    Tricked for Treats

    A game made in a rush, in a couple of days with little sleep! It is inspired by the Plants vs Zombies games, but with a new perspective and pseudo-3D. This game is made for the Halloween Gamejam on HBGames in 2021!
  2. coyotecraft

    World Map Grave & Cemetery

    Made for October 2021 Make Something; Play Something. World Map Icon add-ons. Preview
  3. Ellie

    Darkness of Ellievale

    This is a very quick and dirty frankensprite/recolour to create a dark village kind of environment for RPG Maker XP. It also includes some pallette matched trees and tree roots. No credit needed to me; I'm sure someone will find it useful as I would have when I started out.
  4. Caz


    This is a free pack which matches the style of the other Pixel Fantasy RPG packs. These icons can be used for any engine or any purpose, but they will match the requirements of RPG Maker. The pack contains 14 different icons related to Halloween. The icons include: Candy Pumpkins and...

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