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  1. coyotecraft

    Castle Event Graphics

    I took the larger world map icons and placed on a character sheet. It was kind of annoying that you can't approach a castle from the center. Or align it to a road. There are certainly other ways to solve this problem, but I found this was the easiest solution. Plus, I notice there were some...
  2. Shrewsbury Castle Gates

    Shrewsbury Castle Gates

  3. Shrewsbury Tourist Box

    Shrewsbury Tourist Box

  4. Shrewsbury Castle Walls

    Shrewsbury Castle Walls

  5. Shrewsbury Castle

    Shrewsbury Castle

  6. Shrewsbury Castle Artillery

    Shrewsbury Castle Artillery

  7. Shrewsbury


  8. Ellie

    Fancy Castle

    Castle recolour for RMXP.

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