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Relics' Legacy (demo)

Relics' Legacy (demo)

Follow the story of Elliot, a young man who desires to explore and see all the world has to offer. Even though his mother doesn’t want him leaving the protection of the village, he trains in secret to fulfill his dream of becoming the greatest Mage of his generation.

But fate has other plans for him...

What is the strange tattoo under his eye? How is he related to the ancient heroes? What connection is there between Elliot and the relics? And many more, yet to be answered...

Discover the beginnings of Elliot’s epic journey in this prologue. Save him, to save the world of Hearss.

Equipment System :
Relics' Legacy has a classic JRPG equipment system. You'll find equipment upgrades in treasure chests, through quests, or you can simply buy them at shops.

Augment System :
Monster spirits can be used to augment a piece of equipment with extra statistics or resistances. Not all spirits have the same effects on all equipment, so choose your augments wisely....

Skill learning system :
Skills are learned by spending Job Points (JP), which are earned through quests or defeating monsters. Learning new skills is essential to tackle the challenges of Relic’s Legacy!

Encyclopedia :
The Encyclopedia will add unique, in depth knowledge about Hearss and the characters as well as gameplay tutorials for Relics' Legacy.

On Map Mechanics :

The current time and even the weather will need to be monitored.. Some events will only occur at specific times or when specific weather conditions are met. There are also places you can only explore by using the environment, so keep your eyes peeled for areas to jump and climb!

Default Controls :(Can be changed in the options menu)
  • Left arrow, 4 (num pad) : Move Left.
  • Right Arrow, 6 (num pad) : Move Right.
  • Top arrow, 8 (num pad) : Move Up.
  • Bottom arrow, 2 (num pad) : Move Down.
  • Space, Enter, Enter (num pad), Z : Action/Confirm.
  • X, Insert, Escape, 0 (num pad) : Cancel. Open the Menu.
  • Shift (press) : Run (Auto-Run can be set in the option menu).
  • Q, Page up : Next Character.
  • W, Page down : Previous Character.
  • S : Save Menu.
  • I : Item Menu.
  • E : Equipment Menu.
  • K : Skill Menu.
  • J : Quest Journal.
  • O : Options Menu.
  • B : Beastbook.
  • T : Encyclopedia.
  • C : Display Clock.
  • P : Display the Quick View Party.




One last word :
Hello everyone,

I'm Nico and I'm currently developing Relics' Legacy. The game is far from being finished but I wanted to release the 1st chapter as soon as it was complete.
I need your help!, Please give feedback so I know where to focus future development efforts..

You can give me your feedback here in the comments, on the Facebook page, or on the post on the RPG Maker forum
Facebook : Relics' Legacy Facebook Page
Forum : Page on RPG Maker Forum
Instagram : Instagram page

The first chapter is free but there are several ways you can help support the development:
  • Give me your honest feedback.
  • Follow the development pages (Facebook or Instagram. Or both! haha)
  • Donate a little something when downloading the game.
  • Offer me a Coffee https://ko-fi.com/relicslegacy
I hope you enjoy this first chapter! See you later :)


Credits :

Music and Sound : Richard John S., Jacob Bind, JDB Artist, Eric Matyas (soundimage.org), Enterbrain, Kadokawa

Game Design : Caz, Haydeos, Avery, PandaMaru, whtdragon, Yanfly Engine, Fuffydud, Cyanide, コミュ将, レティラナティス, dragoonwys, Fallen Angel Olivia, Enterbrain, Kadokawa

Character Design : Lowfox Studios, RavenBlackbird, Hiddenone, Ækashics, Vibrato, Schlee, ShadowHawkDragon, PLUEVNR, Enterbrain, Kadokawa

Programming : Yanfly Engine, Fallen Angel Olivia, Moghunter, SkottyTV, 姫HimeWorks, PLUEVNR, tomoaky, Hudell, Chaucer, GALV, VCM Plugins, kanazuki, Shio_inu, Caethyril, TAA, Mokusei Penguin, Arisu's Dollhouse, LunaTechs (Kino, Inc0der), Vlue, Rocketmancer, mjshi, Solar Flare Games, Sasukee KANNAZUKI, Sigureya, DrDhoom, Nyatama,Enterbrain, Kadokawa

Writing : PLUEVNR, HawkZombie

Special Thanks : Maddy Neko, Remeasywin, Stfufane, RPG Maker Community and friends
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