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Pokéwars (working title)

Pokéwars (working title)

Hello all!

It's been a while and I'm hoping that I'm posting this in the right section because I remember there being a concept development thread you post very new and underdeveloped threads...

But here it is! I'm developing a Pokémon fangame that revolves around the Kanto War Theory. If you don't want to watch the 9 minute video it's pretty much about a war that ended before the first Pokémon game started (evidence points at the lack of middle aged adults). I thought that it would be interesting to rework a Pokémon game and mix up the story to be very dark, survival based, as well as a different working battle system similar to an action battle system mixed in with Castlevania's card system but with you know... with Pokémon.

I was brainstorming and I wanted to have a middle aged male lead along with actually military tactics included in the story. Maybe the protagonist would turn out to be Gary's dad and kill Red's father or something... As far as plot I'm not too sure.

So for this thread I was hoping, while I set up basic game functions, there would be people/Pokémon fans that wanted to help contribute and brainstorm plot ideas and story concepts as long as they aren't related to defeating the 4 evil generals and the emperor while learning from the 8 or so master trainers of each town...

For development I also chose Pokémon because of the abundance of graphics floating around such as RIPs (Battlers, Sprites, and Environments) already made and ready to go. I will be using Unity 2D to create the game along with C# (not java) to script most of... well everything in the game.

As a team I'd be looking for a spriter (for some original graphics that would be needed throughout the story) as well as some story writers (preferably more than one). The game will be free and I have no intention of making any money off of it. The game will be developed at a casual hobbyist rate so don't expect many updates.

I believe that is all I've got to offer at this time, please don't hate me if it's in the wrong section and send me a PM if you're interesting in helping out however little!

Screenshots of progress so far (kinda bland, nothing you haven't really seen already)

A list of what I want to add and what I've completed will be put below to mark progress.
  • Fade in transitions
    Stamina and HP HUD
    Pokémon HUD
    Action button (interacting with things)
    Smart scene change (switching cities and routes without loading times)
    Pokémon Inventory
    Enemy AI
    Player Pokémon behaviors
    Pop out damage numbers
    Text boxes
    Plot beginning
    Plot middle
    Plot end
    Opening graphic
    Start menu
    Saving and loading
    Custom graphics (characters, Pokémon, cities)
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