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Blocks Blocks Brevolution

Blocks Blocks Brevolution

BBB is a sample project for the HBGames Highscores System (HBHS), a centralised social score system for our website, a relaxed community of game developers and players. HBHS provides game pages with a high scores widget and tab, allowing members of our site to play against one another in otherwise offline games, including standalone RPG Maker titles from XP through to MZ.

The system is under construction but working. This game serves as a tester project and is made in RPG Maker VX Ace. We cannot claim any credit for the game itself, which is based on a plug and play system by GGZIron.


Game: GGZIron (plugin)
High Scores system: Ellie for HBGames
Programming: Neon Black, EST, JV Master


First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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