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[updates] The minor updates thread

Here to give mouse some recognition. Great job.
If only there were a way to filter script posts into the script resource section. A bit unrealistic, I'll admit
Cool though - didn't know we had that many scripts. Should look through em some time

Edited the resources link on the index to look like a forum. Added stats and useful links.

I thought this might be useful:



If someone asks something really silly that makes you want to reply "JUST SEARCH FOR IT!", provides a nice link for them instead which is a bit more helpful for everyone.

I'm sure it has other applications too!
The resources create a "fake forum" on the board index. This has been updated a lot:


Individual resources show as "topics".

The "posts" counts resources as a post, and any replies as a post. This is to keep it balanced with the other boards so it looks right.

The "last post" column instead shows a link to both latest resources and latest comments for easy browsing.

Fake subforums are added for various other useful links.
I love how the resources are being handled.

In fact, I just looked through them today.

While I could view character sets, I could not view the icons that were on the last several pages for some reason. O_oa
Forum rules and other information

The global rules and bbcode faq sticky has been removed. It has been replaced with a FAQ and Rules link in the main menu header on every page.


Well, it highlights them better, and also frees a row on the board listings allowing you to get to the content faster. Less to scroll through.

(In reality they've just been moved (and stickied) in Announcements)

Remember that if you disagree with any rules you're welcome to dispute them in the Feedback forum.

Thank you for viewing

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