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Todo List

πŸ”Έmod powers for xilef and others
πŸ”Έnew theme (awaiting release)
πŸ”Έmodify theme to HBIfy it

πŸ”Έcustom smilies
πŸ”Έgallery and CMS mods
πŸ”Έfix avatars
πŸ”Έsomehow get the hbgams domain to come here
πŸ”Έset up grandfather links for phpbb formatting
πŸ”Έset up mod_rewrite SEO
πŸ”Έnew mod forum
πŸ”Έrebuild homepage and lost content such as ezine directory
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I'm thinking the first post should just be a copy of the game post perhaps with the text "this is the discussion thread for the game (X)".
Need to make adding a new game clearer, and remove the new topic buttons on the game forums so that you have to create a game page which generates a thread.

Then need to rejig the generated threads to more closely resemble the game pages, rather than the currently auto generated ones that at "X posted a new resource".
Need to work on short, snappy descriptions for each part of the site, which will control how we appear on Google, Discord link embeds, etc. Currently we're a bit amateurish in our appearance because of that.
clicking on the ezine thumbnail image instead of the download button doesn't increment the download count as it links straight to the .pdf instead of /download

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