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Temporary Content Loss

Evening guys,

Work is very hectic at the minute (we are beating budget by 297%!) - so I do not have the time that I need to fix the ongoing issues at HBGames. Not until the weekend, at least.

As a temporary stopgap, I have disabled the content that I believe to be the cause of the problem. That is, the plugin which creates image thumbnails from posts. I do not know for sure that this is where the site-killing bug is, but at the very least, the Screenshots Gallery is definitely broken.

What does this mean?

Until I have the time that I need to fix HBGames properly, the following content is disabled:

Resources Gallery
This is unfortunate as this is probably one of the main draws to the site and I apologise profusely for this.

Artwork Gallery
This is lesser used content but valued nonetheless.

Screenshots Gallery
Already uploaded screenshots will still display on game pages, but you won't be able to view the overall gallery of all screenshots, nor will you be able to add new screenshots.

Any concerns please let me know. We will see how this goes - if it does indeed solve our problems then at least I know where to begin looking for a resolution.

Thanks guys.



I'm sorry. I was me. I did it.
I suspected the resource gallery was broken, but I wanted to upload new things to it anyways.

Yeah, I think it's the thumbnail generator too. It might also have to do with broken image links.
I've kept some of my obsolete links as the first tag hidden in [x] tags simply because changing the link changes the thumbnail. It's also lets me use more stylish thumbnails, especially for charactersets.
Anyways, the site won't generate thumbnails from jpgs, so I've kept some of my old links around because mediafire displays pngs as jpgs, and I couldn't use it for thumbnail posts.
But that raises the question of how often it tries to refresh these thumbnails because my photobucket account doesn't exist anymore and the thumbnails it displays must be saved on the site somewhere.

I've started using github to host resources, but I wonder if the thumbnail generator has a problem with those links as well.

[s]Mediafire has recently changed the way it displays it's own thumbnails too. And I discovered it was related to the way GIMP sometimes saves some of my files. I'll have to check to see it that was the case with my last file.[/s] nvm, i think it's unrelated.

Thank you for viewing

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