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Remi-chan makes the cool art!


Chaos Goddess

Gonna start using this instead of the Sketch Thread so as to get some clout on the website banner! :3

Also because the sketch-thread is dead and i don't want to necropost there again.

Let's start with this immaculate beauty:


7 hours of sai and a bit of photoshop. i also have a speed draw of it!


Chaos Goddess

Brand new piece.

Esperia Frostwhisper: The Demoness Hell Fears

Had so much fun drawing the glyphs and shading everything.

I also recently uploaded the speed draw, 11 hours of work in the span of 17 minutes.

Simian Speed Draw #104 ~Esperia Dramatis


Chaos Goddess

Glad I got this done, as I now have something ready for my art workshop tomorrow~!

Kikiyo "Shadow Dude" Kasanavi

Mighty happy with how she turned out!

Bonus! Here's a close up of her face without her shades getting in the way so you can see her scintillating eyes.

I will edit this post to add the speed draw video once it's ready.

EDIT: It is done!
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