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I love playing a damn goose chase with my motivation. 😕
Got ideas and everything for multiple games... and yet no drive to actually do any of them. It's great. I love it. Not annoying at all. No siree bob.



I have 2 completed game ideas and one game idea that I started and never finished. These are all ideas I had when I was younger with the most recent one being last worked on 4 years ago. Honestly the biggest stopper to me is opening the program and remembering I have NO idea how to map. I could tinker with everything else but mapping is a big NOPE for me


☆ Biggest Ego ☆

This WWIII foreplay is really annoying me.... Somebody do something catastrophic already. Everyone is weak, distracted, and arguing over small things. Conflict brings strength. The way of the Shadows. Strength through chaos and conflict. "What do you want?"

It's like the Internet. If you stay in your safe bubble, you'll never adapt to toxicity. Become stronger. The human immune system is also similar, but take it slower...
I wish the heat didn't make me so lethargic! I got weight to lose... Kinda wish I could pull it off, a bit like Robbie Williams does in that one music video from years ago! 😂


☆ Biggest Ego ☆

"Facts don't give a damn about your feelings...." --Ben Shapiro--
Something I always lived by. Correct research and data does not lie. Ever. Feelings are irrelevant.

"Don't be weak minded. Stand for something, or fall for everything." --Unknown Conservative--

I'm always adamant on my views. I will NEVER change. Set in diamond... Mentally untouchable. LOL @ people who try.

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