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Mage of Light

Heya, my name's lavenderSiren. Decided to hop over here from rmn to see about getting some of my work to a fresh audience.
Been using rpg maker since I was in high school and I've released a pretty good grip of games, keeping it as a hobby rather than as a profession. Over the years I've become heavily involved in a homestuck rp setting and have made a lot of content, including games, for my characters and their adventures.
I love cooking and I like to show off my dinner photos on occasion. I also enjoy drawing, and currently I'm working on a fan-adventure on mspfa. I tend to be pretty intense when it comes to my projects and I like to connect them all together in one way or another.
My specialties when it comes to gamedev are mainly asset-centric, though I tend to require rather frequent communication to keep up my motivation.
Hoping to meet some new faces here!



Heya! Welcome aboard.

If you haven't already, feel free to hop into our Discord. If there's anything you need help finding, don't hesitate to ask.

We have quite a few Homestuck fans here (or did, anyway). I reckon you'd like Remi's art as it's heavily influenced.

Thank you for viewing

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