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Personal Forums

Personal Forums

What is a personal forum?

  • A personal forum is your very own subforum here on HBGames. If you have a game development team or another group project, it's a great way to keep in touch with the members of your team, and can serve as a useful base of operations for your work. These subforums can be password-protected, and you will be able to share your password with whoever needs access.

How do I get a personal forum?

  • Personal forums are one of the perks of donating to HBGames. If you're a sponsor of the site, then we'll thank you for your donation with a personal forum. Just send a private message to an administrator, and we'll set it up for you. Give us the name of the subforum and a short description for the personal forums page. You can also request a password, and you can send in a small image (up to 100 pixels wide by 15 pixels tall, like this:
    ) to mark your forum on the personal forums page. Once we see that you've donated to the paypal account, you'll be ready to go.

Who can see my personal forum?

  • Anybody can, if you don't have a password set. If you do have a password, then just you and your team members, plus all forum staff members. If your forum has a password, that is yours to share with whoever you like.

What else do I need to know?

  • Staff can and will enter personal forums for janitorial duties and to make sure nothing naughty is going on. Too much spam is also still unacceptable. If you don't post in a personal forum for a long while (over a year) it will be moved to the retired forums section, but can be moved back on request.

How do I get on the homepage?

  • Just ask, and we will place a link to your forum on the homepage. Preferably it should have a logo image, something up to 164 pixels wide by 35 pixels tall. The image should contain the name of your forum (or an abbreviation of it). It will show below the affiliates, as a link to said personal forum. Only active forums will show on the homepage and we may remove those that are not getting posts from the homepage - as short as a 6 month hiatus even. Once more, it will be re-added on request should you return.
Please note that personal forums still exist, they have just been removed from the forum listings to reduce clutter, which makes sense as only you and your team have access to your forum. You can still view your private forum, using the "Private Forums" link in the footer of the forum list, or by directly linking it.

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