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Lockdown & Isolation

Hi guys!

I don't know if you know what is going on in the world at the moment (not as if it's thrown in our faces every 2 minutes), but the whole thing's about to go kaput.

I'm gonna be stuck at home potentially until September, for one. Paid for some of it.

I just wanna reassure you that HBGames will still be funded through all of this chaos. We won't be going anywhere. If anything, now is the time to get back into game making, because what the hell are we going to do otherwise?

Happy gamemaking!
September?! What, that is an insane length of time. My mother has MS (so she practically has no immune system) and is only in 3 months quarantine as of right now...

Good to know about the funding! I guess I never stopped to think about how this site stayed up... Are you the sole payer? Thanks either way! :)

'Happy gamemaking' just paints an image in my mind, of people gifting small games to each other! :smile:
So yeah, officially not allowed out of the house for three weeks, after which the government will review the situation.

Also I don't pay a lot. I pay more to PVGames' patreon.
Brief update - I'm on furlough until 31st May on 80% pay, so lots of game making time.

Does mean this is a great time to get into gamemaking folks because I'm here, and bored, and ready to answer all your support queries...

They can cancel wit 48 hours notice though. But for now, it appears I'm basically gonna get paid just under minimum wage for making games full time :D

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