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Game Pages 2.0

Hi guys!

Exciting news: Game Pages have been completely revamped, to finish off the system I made a long time ago.

I feel like it was never really "finished", even though tons of functionality was added.

Here is how a game page looks by default:


There are a few things you can customise on your game page and this is done by adding BBCode to your first post.

If you don't know how to do it just let me know how you want your page to look and I will edit it for you.

Here are the different options:


[game_description]DESCRIPTION HERE[/game_description]

Download link

[download]URL HERE[/download]

Foreground colour
Foreground text colour
Background colour
Background text colour


Author Biography

You can write a bit about yourself that displays below any games you post. This is editable in your USER PANEL, link top-right, by going to Profile.


You or any players of your game have the ability to upload screenshots. This is done using the
icon next to Screenshots. The latest screenshots appear on your game page. Screenshots MUST be PNG in format.

You are able to then comment on these screenshots as if they are a forum post, by clicking on them.


Players can leave reviews by using the
icon. These are shown as a list on your game page.

Development Blog

Instead of using a game thread to post updates and things you would like feedback on, you are able to create blog posts, using the
button, which can then be viewed as a blog roll. Viewers are then able to comment on them as if they were a forum thread (because they are - shh).

When adding a blog post you can edit the title of the blog, but you must keep the numbers in your title. Otherwise they will become detached from your game and go in your general blog, which you can view from your profile.


Your game is just a standard forum thread at the end of the day, so you are able to post as normal. We strongly encourage the use of blog posts though.

Here is how a fully set-up game page looks.

I'm in two minds about what to do with the screenshots block for projects that haven't included any. I could hide it, but I want to incentivise adding screenshots as a project thread wouldn't be complete without them. I can add screenshots to projects that haven't set one up yet.
Have you thought about replacing it with a snazzy banner that says 'Screenshots coming soon!'. It incentivises, doesn't look as barren as being hidden, or as unfinished as just placeholder shots.

Thank you for viewing

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