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  1. Byron


    I'm not sure if we already have one but I thought I'd make a thread for it anyway. POST ANYTHING RELATED TO MINECRAFT HERE! My own things: So I play mostly on my brothers friends server. We have allocated plots where we can build things.
  2. My Minecraft Server (DangerCraft)

    If there's anybody here who plays Minecraft I'm looking for players for my new server, it's a simple 24/7 Survival server with a few Bukkit plugins. I would like a mature community (no little kids). I'm using the word "mature" lightly because my sense of humor can be quite the opposite...
  3. Minecraft: post what's in your mine

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylVtj-1Ccgg So essentially, this is a game where you are placed on a randomly generated island, where you basically hafta survive. The trick here is that anytime there is darkness (either in caves or nighttime) monsters come out and try to kill you, so you hafta...

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